Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I have previously submitted documents to Nationstar Mortgage asking that my interest rate be modified from 6.25 % to 3 %. After all this is not an outrageous request ; many homeowners have had this rate for YEARS due to the Great Recession. I also sent themall the documents they required AND amortization schedules with 2.8 %, 3 % and 3.2 % and the respective payment amount. Nothing. I am in bankruptcy, I have the care of my XXXX year old mother who has XXXX, I had to take an early, MEDICAL retirement, meaning that I now exist on XXXX % of my full-time rate of pay, and when my father died in XXXX of 2013 my older brother stole their money and some possessions. We are STILL engaged in a lawsuit against him. I say STILL because we ( my younger brother and myself ) had the very bad misfortune to get a XXXX of a lawyer who did NOTHING! What should have taken 6 months is going on past TWO YEARS. I have been drained of just about every asset I have ever had, and we can not move forward and close that case until as have the funds to do so. Luckily my aunt left me in her will and I, and my brother have a few thousand coming from that. As I said, a year ago I was ready and willing to make the changes in my mortgage payments. I also have a XXXX mortgage with XXXX. They are just weeks away from foreclosure, too. Why do n’t these companies cooperate? I am NOT demanding anything extreme. Now, however, it will take balloon payments to satisfy all of their penalties and missed payments ( XXXX especially ). Please help me find someone to help strong-arm these guys into helping me. It is a lot worse now than it was a year ago, and with everything else I am dealing with it is OVERWHELMING. Will you please get them to cooperate. You did when I complained to XXXX, but not very much. I really need an agency that can take my case, put on the brakes and get this all worked out. Unfortunately it just might be too late. This will also throw my daughter out on the street. She does work, but we all know that the market for employment has just barely begun to improve. HELP!

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