Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

Recently while evaluating a Modification proposal from Ditech a number of issues were noticed which made acceptance impossible. In order to actually finalize the modification terms ( which were subject to change ) I first had to make 3 Trial Payments of {$2100.00} .This amount is higher than my original mortgage payment and certainly would not be manageable and would likely just result in another default. ( What is wrong with this picture?? ) The whole proposal is too vague and the unpaid balance is way out of line ( {$370000.00} vs my balance of {$280000.00} when I defaulted due to unexpected loss in income. Next was an estimated market value given as {$330000.00} on XXXX XXXX, then on XXXX XXXX in another letter the market value stated was {$320000.00}. Big drop in just 14 days ( Questionable info ). Last but not least-On the statement I receive each month it shows my regular monthly payment to be {$2100.00} and now recent statements show the payment as {$2200.00}. Why the big change ( No explanation ever given!!! ). I have offered other suggestions for possible remedy, but nothing seems to be taken seriously by Ditech or XXXX XXXX. My situation deserves a creative solution and I am still waiting.

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