Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

In reference to my property located at : XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, Ca. XXXX yesterday I made a follow up call to the servicer SPS, Inc ( SPS ) to confirm that they had recieved my proof of occupancy ( XXXX documents they had requested the last time I spoke to them via phone ) and SPS confirmed reciept and said the XXXX documents submitted would suffice. But they also informed me my house had been put up for Trustee Sale due to the fact that several other items were missing. This is ludicrous because they had made it crystal clear that the ” only documents that need to be submitted at this point are the XXXX forms of proof of occupancy ” in my last conversation with SPS ( previous to yesterday ). And at this point it has clearly formed a PATTERN where on atleast 4 occassions SPS has led me to believe that upon submitting this or that document ( s ) my application is at that time COMPLETE only to find out later on that WAS NOT AT ALL THE CASE. So the fact is that my application has been COMPLETE now on several occassions according to THEIR OWN REQUESTS but the time passes, nothing gets reviewed and then when I CALL BACK to confirm all is on track they hit me with several ” missing ” documents that they could have requested ALL ALONG – BUT CHOSE NOT TO REQUEST. In this case here are some examples : 1 ) Clarification that my brother does not live in the property. THIS WAS ALREADY CLARIFIED 5 MONTHS AGO!! I asked my brother to move into the property to PROTECT it as the last time they put my house up for sale it was overan with predatory buyers who broke the gate, the water heater ( creating serious safety issues ), broke a window on a door to the flat to get into the flat, broke into one of the store rooms and more. By putting my brother in there he was able to protect the property from these sorts of damages. Just as soon as the sale dates were cancelled he moved out. Once again – THIS WAS A LONG TIME AGO!!! 2. Clarification on XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX, Ca. XXXX. SPS has known since XXXX 2015 that I do n’t own that property nor do I have any loans on it. So if theyneeded to know this AGAIN – why now?? Why did n’t they mention in any single one of the dozens of conversations and letter exchanges we ‘ve had since XXXX when it was already clarified 3. Page XXXX of a lease. This too was ALREADY provided and CONFIRMED recieved. Moreover I explicitly asked the SPS representative before sending it ” do you only want page XXXX or do you want page XXXX ALONG WITH the rest of the lease AGAIN? ” And she answered ” we already have the rest of the lease so all that we need is page XXXX. ” So that ‘s exactly what I provided. Once again – why now are they requesting it differently?? They could have made that request in any one of the numerous phone conversations I ‘ve had with them or more specifically in writing via mail ( Which they have not ). So to be clear I have been working on this loan modification with a purported lender for months now and yet we know that it ‘s quite possible they do n’t even have a legal ownership interest ( both the assignments and substitution of trustee – top to bottom – are completely fraudulent and signed by imposters holding no legal, proper agency relationships ). I am doing it because I have no choice – as an enormous part of my retirement depends on saving it. And to be clear – even if I were to get a loan modification – who would it be with?? As it ‘s definitely clear that this loan NEVER made it into its trust by the legally binding cut off date it means that any one of several entities could come forward some day and claim an interest. In other words – I AM TAKING A SERIOUS RISK BY EVEN ATTEMPTING TO GET THIS LOAN MODIFICATION, FOR THAT REASON. Yet I ‘m working on this diligently and in faith and this PATTERN is clear that SPS is not being up front in terms of the documents it needs & now I ‘m being damaged by that. huh??

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