Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

We had a home loan with XXXX that got taken over by Wells Fargo Loan Servicing LOAN # XXXX Within few months of default XXXX ( hardship arising out of reduced income for me and a job loss for my spouse and not being paid for another contract as the middle party went bankrupt and further unemployment ), I got on a forbearance agreement with WF which I paid all the payments on time overnight with return receipts but they indicated otherwise and then later sent the funds for the last check amount back saying they made an error and misapplied the payment ( INTENTIONAL? NEGLIGENCE? ). It threw us into foreclosure proceedings by XXXX trustee, we filed Chapter XXXX XX/XX/XXXX, worked a loan modification review for 6 months paying a hefty monthly fee to attorneys for loss mitigation and they did not do anything! After refreshing documents over and over the bank ‘s attorney showed up at the time of job change and denied the modification without any fair review or chance. This created more XXXX and affected us and our family in many negative ways. Finally after years of XXXX. I came out of it and started earning but the loan is much higher than what the home is worth and the interest rate is close to 7 %. There is no accountability and response to QUALIFIED WRITTEN REQUEST we sent, A notarized mailing of PROOF OF CLAIM we sent out to the bank and the attorneys, There are numerous issues identified in the mortgage investigation, immense mortgage fraud and issues related to assignment, robosigning, errors in the loan, etc. that questions the standing but we did not raise foreclosure defense in time in the hopes that the bank was going to provide us the loan modification and now we are cornered into a sale date railroaded by the big powers. We need answers and there is no help to obtain them – the banks are doing whatever and are getting away with lies and theft. No one is holding them accountable for the various accounting errors, misapplication of the forbearance, obligations to respond, etc. We need the bank to respond to our QWR for information and Proof of Claim. The employee of the law firm doing the foreclosure has signed on behalf of the bank to endorse the paperwork as a bank employee? They are playing games and we are losing our family home in the process when we have tried everything with them in good faith. They have forced insurance and piled up enormous amounts of penalties and fees and charges to make matters worse. We hear all these settlements and amounts Wells Fargo and XXXX are fined and will pay or be applied towards principal reduction, etc. in the news as recent as the last few months but do not know the path to seeking those funds.

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