Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I have a mortgage that was modified back in 2009. At the time my mortgage was with XXXX XXXX. It was a tiered mortgage with the final interest rate at 5 %. It seemed reasonable then. XXXX. As the years have come my loan has been sold 5 ( five ) times to different service companies. During these changes and my rate increases it has become more difficult to maintain my mortgage payment. Partly due to the rate increase, party due to my house being under water, and my husbands retirement, and lastly, is our farm income not as forth coming. Added to that charges showing from our service companies after being transferred for miscellaneous items, such as administrative cost, appraisal fees, missing payments etc.. have been added. I have disputed these in writing with documentation, only to be told that it did n’t matter, what they had from the previous servicer was correct. My bank statements did n’t prove payments? Needless to say I am way behind on my mortgage. I put together a loan modification request with all the bells and whistles, jumped through every hoop they asked, some several times I might add. I have never once been allowed to speak with a loan modification specialist, never once have I been allowed to speak with the same person twice, I have always had to speak with whom ever answers the phone. That person is generally a customer service rep, who has to read my file, give me an update, take my message, and have someone get back to me. That could be anywhere from a week to a month. Generally in a form of a letter telling me they need something else. Needless to say. I have only been told by customer service that they did not accept my dispute letter and documentation on my late charges from my last service company, because they read that from their screen and a letter was sent to me. I have yet to get that letter and have told them that on 2 ( two ) separate occasions. To date I still have not received a letter of response. I have although finally received an answer to my request for a new loan modification. The answer was absolutely not. I was not eligible for not 1 ( one ) program. They had no even had one answer to even try to work with me. The paperwork I submitted was done in accordance with XXXX making Home Affordable trickle down. I could easily afford the payment and become current and keep my home. They could refinance me at a lower interest rate for blessed sake and keep me in my home! But they have done nothing but give me the run around and treat me like I am a lowlife Human being. I realize they do not have to offer me anything, however, if I understand the Making Home Affordable Program, is n’t it for the Owners of the loans XXXX, not the Service Company ( Seterus , Inc. ) to aid homeowner ‘s who wish to stay in their homes, help them stay in their homes? By the way Ohio is considered in one of the hardest hit States to boot. What can I do to get help in getting a restructured Mortgage when I have a Service Company who clearly is n’t interested whether I keep my house or not?

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