Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

Ocwen Loan Modification XXXX/XXXX/XXXX I have been trying to get a Loan Modification with Ocwen Loan Servicing since XX/XX/XXXX. Ocwen Loan Servicing bought a Fraudulent Loan Modification from AHMSI and it is designed for my payments to keep going up year after year until I ca n’t afford to pay it anymore! Meanwhile Ocwen ‘s house ( the one I live in and pay for ) keeps going up in value. So after I can not pay the mortgage anymore … Ocwen can foreclose and make money after I paid for this thing for all those years.
They deny the Modification because I am current on loan payments and can afford to pay right now. I do have a few bucks in the bank, but I have also had a transplant, and if/when I have a problem and need specialty meds, I will need every dime I ca n’t get my hands on! They do n’t understand that!
Secondly, I was forced to sell some income property that I owned, because I had to borrow against it when I was sick and on a transplant list. The loan was from a personal friend ( my realtor ) and no interest was charged, so nothing was documented. So, when the property was sold, I showed a huge capital gain tax and owe the IRS over XXXX!
So, now I have no income off of property that was sold, I owe IRS $ $ , and my modified loan payments keep going up! I try to explain this to OCWEN and they just want me to spend every dime I have so they can foreclose! I have read Horror stories about Ocwen ‘s slimy history and I ‘m worried.
During the modification process, Ocwen assigns me a Relationship Manager! The RM has no direct phone # and only one number to the Loan Modification Department that you wait on hold forever, or talk to someone other than your personal RM! I have scheduled appointments with my Personal Relationship Manager and always end up talking to someone else instead! XXXX?
What other options do I have? Ocwen Loan Servicing are major crooks! They go to court, get fined and just keep on doing their business as usual … XXXX their customers!

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