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To whom this may concern. My name is XXXX. I live with my family in XXXX, VT. Our family has lived here for 32 years but I am terrified that we may lose our home to foreclosure. We have been trying to get relief by means of a mortgage modification for almost a year now. Our mortgage is being serviced by PHH Mortgage and it has been continually mishandled time after time. XXXX ( b ) Receipt of Loss Mitigation application – ” A servicer shall exercise reasonable diligence in obtaining documents and information to complete a loss mitigation application. ” We have been sending/ faxing documents since the spring of XXXX and now to find out we have a sale date of our house on XX/XX/XXXX. I have sent in no less than 4 complete financial packages to them ( RMA Packages ). I have also had 4 different account managers since I have been trying to get this done. Each time I got a new manager, they said I had to start all over again sending them the entire RMA Package again. XXXX Continuity of contact – ” Servicers are required to maintain reasonable policies and procedures with respect to providing delinquent borrowers with access to personnel to assist them with loss mitigation options ”. Why was n’t I assigned a single point of contact to assist me in saving my home?

I resubmitted a package in early XX/XX/XXXX and was told by the current acct. manager that all was looking good and they did n’t need anything from me while the file was being reviewed, again, by an underwriter.

I just found out that now there is an auction date for XX/XX/XXXX. When I called to find out why I have an auction date, I was told by a XXXX that the file had been denied because the RMA was not submitted 37 days before the foreclosure date, but it had. How did they schedule a sale date while I was being reviewed for a modification? XXXX ( g ) Dual Tracking is prohibited. ” Servicers can not start a foreclosure proceeding if a borrower has already submitted a complete application for a loan modification or other alternative to foreclosure.

I desperately need someone to intervene in postponing the sale date of XX/XX/XXXX while my financial packet gets reviewed for a modification. I believe PHH Mortgage has deliberately and systematically steered our mortgage into foreclosure for their own financial gain. There is approx. $ XXXX in equity in this property. ” CFPB ‘s mortgage servicing rules ensure that borrowers in trouble get a fair process to avoid foreclosure ”, ” borrowers should n’t be surprised by the start of a foreclosure proceeding until they have had time to explore all available options ”.

At one time we even sent them {$3000.00}. to go toward the arrearage but that was returned. It was clear at that point that their intention was not to help me but continue to egregiously pursue the foreclosure process for no other reasons than substantial monetary gain.

It appears, without a doubt, PHH Mortgage has violated numerous servicing laws set up to protect mortgagers under the Wall St. Reform & Consumer Protection Act.

Please help us by contacting PHH Mortgage so we do n’t lose our home we love and have lived in for over 3 decades. I do n’t know what will ; happen to our family if we are rendered homeless.

Please help!!!

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