Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

XXXX XXXX, XXXXBank of AmericaXXXXXXXX, CA XXXXRe : Loan numbers XXXX & XXXXDear Sir/MadameI am in receipt of your letter dated XX/XX/XXXX regarding my home equity loan.
I have been paying BOA since the loan originated more than {$40000.00} which is an incredibly unfair amount. Now you are telling me that I should either pay the whole balance or pay {$920.00} a month vs. {$300.00} that I pay now. My original loan was XXXX and now it has even gone up!

If this is not highway robbery, I do n’t know what is. I also pay my regular loan payment which is more than XXXX dollars a month. I have been paying more than XXXX XXXX dollars since the loan began in XX/XX/XXXX.

How much does BOA need to make off of a good citizen?

Are these numbers right? Or it is just robbing the good citizens of this country. This is my only asset in life. Do you guys want to take it from me and make your CEO ‘s richer than they are?

XXXX, DE XXXX XXXX XXXX. XXXX XXXX, CEOBank of AmericaXXXX XXXX, XXXX Re : Loan numbers XXXX & XXXXDear gentlemen, I am sure you have no time to read a letter from a citizen, a number that I am among millions but I need to address this issue. For the last 4 months plus, I have provided all the documents necessary for a loan modification with BOA. I have paid over XXXX on XXXX loans ( in fact even more ) to your company and now even after 9 years, I have very little equity in my only property.
I have had to deal with a sick young man-my son- who has been ill for the last 4 years, having to pay enormous amounts of bills for him. I lost my job in the midst of all that I went through. Yet, I kept paying without having built any equity.
I have been tossed around by various ” case agents ” of BOA, totaling at least XXXX so far after receiving the same packages every other day to no good result. Every other day, I am asked for more documentation which proves to me that BOA is not interested to help me but to advance whatever goal they have.
How much does BOA and your investors need to make? 200 percent in gains or more? Your company has made billions and more in the last year, yet, it is n’t enough it seems.
I am not asking for a handout. I am asking to have my payments lowered so that I can pay it on time and without delay and build some equity. I understand that banks and mortgage companies need to make $ $ $ $ $ but what about people like me? Should I have the right to own my home-my only asset for my children or should I let BOA take it?
If BOA can not give me a venue, then please let your number XXXX person to let me know as not to waste my time and theirs.
Frankly, this has been the most frustrating experience so far.
I need an answer and I need it sooner than later. I hate being tossed around like a yoyo by XXXX different people.

Respectfully, XXXX

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