Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

My ex-husband and I took out a second mortgage from Beneficial for {$17000.00}, in XX/XX/XXXX. We then went through a separation in XXXX, and then a divorce. This created a lot of financial hardship for both of us, which led to a Chapt 7 bankruptcy with discharge in XXXX. Since I was still living in the home, I was told I could voluntarily pay the loan back, ( I did n’t reaffirm loan ) which I tried to do sporadically until XXXX, when my payment was abruptly returned. The letter accompanying the payment stated that the account had been closed. Since I received no further communication, I assumed the debt had been discharged and I was no longer required to pay it. About 6 months ago, I inquired into refinancing the home, and was told that Beneficial had a lien on the title. I explained about the abrupt payment return, and even showed that the account was reported as closed on my credit report. I was told to contact Beneficial to request a release of lien. After many attempts, I finally reached someone who informed me that Beneficial had sold my loan in XXXX. After a lot of research and unsuccessful phone calls, I was led to a representative from XXXX ( formerly XXXX ), who told me that my account was active and had been accruing interest. She informed me that I now owe {$18000.00}. She told me there was a note in the account not to contact me due to the discharged bankruptcy. So, not only was I not notified of the change of lender, but I was being charged interest on an account I thought was closed! XXXX wants to negotiate a settlement, but they do not hold the lien on my title, it is still listed as Beneficial, in county records, who has already received payment when they sold the loan. I am concerned that if I pay XXXX, They will not have the authority to release the lien, and Beneficial can still have a claim on my house. I do n’t know what to do at this point, and legal counsel is very costly. Are you able to point me in the right direction?

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