Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I fell behind on my mortgage due to a hardship. My Mortgage was with XXXX Bank, who sent an Auction Notice, the house is being Auctioned on XXXX 2016, then I find out when I call XXXX Bank that they Sold my property to BSI Financial Services. On XXXX XXXX, 2016. I have written XXXX emails and phoned BSI Financial 4 times so far. Last call was today and they informed me that they do not have my information in there system! What! I am being foreclosed on and the bank who bought my property has no information in the system on this. The rep. I spoke to from BSI after telling me he can find no records transferred me to a Dept. who should know something about what is going on, where I had to leave my name and number. I know they wo n’t call me back. Now what do I do? I do n’t want to loose my home! This is total fraud. I am in limbo! Is my home still in foreclosure since another bank bought it ( XXXX Bank Sold to BSI Financial )? I read the rating from XXXX and it is an XXXX rating for BSI Financial as well as being famous for never calling you back as well as terrible reviews. I feel totally lost, scared exhausted!

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