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My mother passed away in XXXX 2015. Wells Fargo immediately contacted me regarding mortgage and what were my intentions regarding her estate. I told them I would like to sell the property. I had to go through probate. While going through probate I got a purchaser for a regular sale. All information I forwarded to WF. I could only talk to what they referred to as ‘Reverse Mortgage Specialist ‘. I started receiving foreclosure notifications. Was told by the specialist to ignore them that I had to just keep the specialist informed of my intentions. They would ask for me to resend information that I had already sent. I finally asked the specialist where was the information I sent last month? I was told that the information was forwarded to another department and they were not aware of what the other department did with it. Every month I sent a letter asking for an extension or postponement and why. I even went to the Consumer Affairs foreclosure agency. They talked to them and sent letters on my behalf. I was at the end of escrow about to close ( all information I sent to WF along with paperwork ) and asked for one postponement so that I could make sure everything closed properly. This was XX/XX/XXXX, home was scheduled for sale on XXXX XXXX. On Friday XXXX XXXX WF sent me a letter thanking me for my patience saying that they were sorry for taking so long to get back to me but, they had denied my short sale due to the appraiser could n’t gain access. I had a regular sale and the house had already been appraised. Well, on Monday XXXX XXXX my mothers/family home of 40 years was sold at auction, to the surprise of everyone. it was purchased at auction for just {$1000.00} more than what my sale price was.
Now, all anyone can say is sorry! I have been served with eviction notices but, am still here.
I will not give up my family home without a fight. The home sold to a big corporation. I have hired a lawyer to see if sale can be rescinded. I know it ‘s next to impossible in California but, I will continue the fight. This has got to be stopped. I ‘m going to all government agencies, everywhere. I called HUD and was told in reverse mortgages the heir has up until a year to acquire property. I did n’t get a year. At the end of 6 months I was given postponements not 90 day extensions. Wells Fargo was wrong and be held accountable for its wrongful acts.

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