Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I had a mortgage with XXXX. It was sold or transferred over to Nationstar. I have become past due almost three months which I hope to be able to catch up in the next 60 days because I quit my part time job to be able to cash out my XXXX so that I do n’t get much further behind. I am behind on everything. Nationstar has been calling me everyday sometimes twice a day but I have not returned their calls. I received an email from them on Wednesday about a possible home loan modification assistance program. I called them finally to let them know what my situation was. I was advised to fill out the packet and return it ASAP so that I can get some type of assistance as I transition. Currently, I am looking for XXXX new jobs with the hopes of being able to earn more money so that I do n’t have to file bankruptcy. I faxed and emailed the documents. The representative I spoke with on Wednesday said to call back every 4 days to make sure they have all they needed. I called XXXX times today to check to make sure they have the forms. I could n’t get not XXXX person to answer the phone after making XXXX calls. I called the following numbers : XXXX ( 6 times ) and XXXX ( XXXX time ). Both numbers were listed in the email I received on Wednesday. Half the times the phone rang and stopped, then it never even rang, then it did ring a XXXX times and no one picked up, then finally I got the automated message that this was their ” busy ” season and to go on their website. How are these people supposed to help me save my home if I cant even reach them? I think this is all a rouse. A ploy to make it look like they are helping poor consumers such as myself so that they can take my house from under me making it appear as if I did n’t submit forms or try to help myself. I do NOT want to lose my home! I am doing everything I can humanly possible to get assistance but I cant even reach these people so what am I supposed to do? I am frustrated and afraid and scared and just want help. XXXX would not offer me any assistance when I contacted them on numerous occasions about trying to lower my mortgage payment. And now I have to deal with a company that I cant even get to come to the phone?! Please help.

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