Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

Nationstar Loan # XXXX XXXX CA XXXX We started this short sale on XXXX – see attached Task List and XXXX Messages.

The negotiator assigned to the file is XXXX XXXX. She has repeatedly rejected tasks, has not initiated tasks to be completed, can not read proof of funds, repeatedly asks for the same doucments over and over again, and WILL NOT RESPOND TO US.
She wont take calls.
She wont answer our questions via XXXX.
She repeatedly asks for the same documents over and over again.
She has not once done a complete review of the documents we have submitted. One day she accepts what we send and the next day she rejects it.
Her manager wont call back.
Her manager wont respond in XXXX.
No one at this company seems to know what ‘s going on.

The negotiator is so utterly incompetent that she did n’t bother to send the offer task to us until XXXX — – THREE WEEKS AFTER WE STARTED THE FILE IN XXXX.

On page XXXX of the attached XXXX Messages ( XXXX XXXX ) XXXX asked for the XXXX form. On page XXXX – XXXX XXXX – the SAME DAY, I uploaded it to equator and sent her a message. — — — -ONE WEEK LATER SHE ASKED FOR THE SAME DOCUMENT AGAIN!!

Then on XXXX XXXX she asked for the XXXX document AGAIN!!

And now she is threatening to cancel the file on XXXX, claiming that ‘WE ‘ are not returning the documents she needs??

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