Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I have had a mortgage with greentree for 20 years, and it ‘s been a nightmare with threats to come to my home move me out if I did n’t get my payment in and will sue me, next thing i know I had thousands of dollars added to my mortage. Threats at my boys : they Told my boys ” they are losing there home need find place to move, contacted my mom asking her to come up w/money or ill lose my home /contacted my X – mother law hitting her up for money. Now I been trying for loan mofication for a year greentree would deny mofication because they did n’t reviewed required documents. I sent in what I was suppose to over and over again. I have contacted my state attorney general 3 times they are NO help!!!
Greentree sold my home behind my back when they said I was finally approved for deferral, next thing I get was a letter telling me to vacate home. I have my son and grandson ( XXXX ) living with me I have been verbally abused threaten and put under extreme pressure ( XXXX, missing work XXXX ) from years of abuse from greentree.I have worked all my life, I had XXXX good jobs, but with 20 years of declining work force ( which I did n’t create ) I fall behind on mortage. Greentree lie and deceived me and should be shut down. Now I have to scrap up money to get a lawyer to help me stop the sheriff serving me papers to vacate. Greentree has billed me XXXX for attorney fees court ect. I was only XXXX behind when I started mofication, now I owe them XXXX to stay in home. Can you please help? I have all documents from start to finish.

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