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I am sorry to trouble you with my problems. I am a very strong woman, but I have run across a scenario that I can not manage on my own. CitiMortgage/CitiBank is trying to sell my house through foreclosure, but is n’t taking the time to try to help me save my home. The set of circumstances that led me to where I am today were beyond my control and no one at CitiMortgage has been willing to take the time to sort out this problem.

In XXXX I fell into hard times … I was diagnosed with XXXX. During this time, Citi Mortgage offered me a loan modification. I was unable to work regularly, but I managed to keep up on the mortgage during my treatments. Inevitably, I could n’t continue to keep pace and missed my first mortgage payment in XXXX and started to fall further and further behind.

This is where it really got ugly. Once I was in XXXX, I sought help but the lender told me I had exhausted all my loan mod options and that the only choice I had was to be set up on a repayment plan. I had no other choice but to accept their terms, so I agreed to the 11 month repayment plan. They set me up with an automatic payment through my bank card. They withdrew XXXX payments and then stopped — — Why???? This opened a can of worms. When I found out ( after XXXX missed payments ), I called CitiMortgage and was told I now had to pay ” all or nothing ”!!!!! When I was given no options to solve the issue I had no choice but to focus on my situation and stop devoting energy to this.

Once I was healthy enough to back to work on a regular basis in XXXX of XXXX, I called CitiMortgage again and was given a new representative to deal with. She asked how much I could pay. I told her I could pay {$1000.00} right then and then another {$1000.00} in XXXX. I also indicated I would pay in XXXX the rest to catch up since I ‘d be getting tax return money. The XXXX payments were taken, but when I called in XXXX XXXX as planned, this rep said my file was now with the foreclosure attorney — -she checked with that office and came back and told me there was a sale date and that I needed much more than the {$4000.00} I was going to pay to catch up!!! That ‘s not right!!!

My house is now in foreclosure with a sale date at the end of this month!! I have XXXX kids, XXXX with XXXX. This is our home and I feel CitiMortgage has been dishonest and unfair with me. They are trying to steal my home and kick my family out on the streets. I ‘m not asking for a handout. I have recovered from the hardships that started this mess, but I need to get some cooperation ( and decency!! ) from this lender. I would appreciate any assistance that leads to saving our home and keeping my family where it belongs. Thank you.

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