Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I bought a home XXXX took out a mortgage and later filed bankruptcy. This mortgage was included in bankruptcy and the debt was discharged. The servicing rights to this mortgage were bought by CitiMortgage while still in bankruptcy and before the debt was discharged. After the debt was discharged, Citi was asked to reafrim but they refused. They continued to reporting this discharged debt to XXXX XXXX ( still do ) as current ” paid as agreed. ” Now I receive notice that my mortgage is delinquent and Citi will not remove PMI until the late charges assessed post discharge are paid in full.
The issues are if the mortgage debt was discharged in Chapter XXXX bankruptcy and payments are now voluntary how could the mortgage have ever be late. Second, since Citi continues to report the debt ” paid as agreed ” to the Credit Bureaus, why are they telling me my voluntary payments are past due? Third, why are they charging late fees on discharged debt and are threatening to keep charging PMI until I pay late charges since payments are current?
Citi would not enter into a reaffirmation, the debt was discharged, payments are voluntary and Citi said at the time of discharge if payments are not made they could still foreclose not that they would charge late fees.
I have been unemployed since XX/XX/XXXX and have exhausted my retirement savings to avoid foreclosure while trying to find work – Citi has n’t offed a bit of help! Just more and more grief … Can the CFPB offer any suggestions?

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