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This is my XXXX complaint against ASC/Wells Fargo.I have tried to get a home modification with Wells Fargo since XX/XX/XXXX.I filed the home modification through a lawfirm thinking that would hold them accountable to their unscrupulous practices, but I was wrong! They communicated with the law firm and me as we submitted our paperwork, then later stated they did n’t have all the information and they did. As a result, the incident led to a possible foreclosure sale on my home on XXXX XXXX. Thankfully I found out about this median and filed a complaint which was sent to Wells Fargo and their response was to stop the sale and properly process my modification or so I thought.This process has been nothing short of dissapointing.First, ASC/Wells Fargo called and said that the information I sent in with the lawyer was missing some tax documents which I knew was a lie because I was on the phone with the verification agent and my lawyer at the time when all documents where confirmed. ( a familiar song and dance they play ) Nevertheless I sent the requested documents the same day and confirmed them with ASC/Wells Fargo and was told by the representative that my home preservation specialist would be contacting me.I did hear from my specialist ( XXXX XXXX ) as well as their Customer Care and Recovery Group representative XXXX XXXX who informed me that they would be working on my case.XXXX stated the modification process would take 30 to 60 days and someone would get back with me.I received a call back from XXXX the next week saying that the modification had been denied, they would send out information, and that I could appeal the decision. This was the first step in the Wrong direction a familiar practice.With my understanding of this process as well as reflecting on what I was told I believed they did not properly send my info for review.I immediately called my customer care and recovery group person and left a message, but no response.I received the paperwork in reference to my denial, and filing the appeal.I filed the appeal with updated financial info and confirmed the documents with my home preservation specialist.He called me back in a couple of days and said that I did n’t send in necessary docs to support my change in income and the denial decision was final.I asked why did n’t he let me know they needed different documents when we confirmed what I sent in, I would have sent in whatever they asked, he said it was my responsibility not his to inquire if the documents I sent in where what they needed.I also asked him about the home owners association fee I saw they added to my monthly income sheet ( {$85.00} a month ). I do not pay HOA fees, never have.. he said ” If ASC added it then it was a real estimate or should have been on a seperate line ” .XXXX. XXXX could not explain this amount or how it was produced. This is not acceptable at all. Wells Fargo can not make up an amount and put it on a document. Falsifying info on documents is against the law.If customers are held accountable, then mortgage companies should be too! This entire experience has been every bit of preditory lending.It feels as though they went through motions to satisfy my initial complaint but not in an effort to truly be accountable to their word and help me modify my mortgage payment.Falsifying documents and saying its ok! What are you thinking? I have every intention on keeping my home, all I ‘m asking is for them to do what they keep saying they are willing to do and work with me so that I can. I even asked the specialist if I could send in the documents they specifically where looking for and he said they probably would n’t do anything different. What? So this further proves they had no intention on working with me at all.They should be banned from offering mortgage loans if, they do n’t keep their word of helping you with an affordable mortgage.

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