Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

i have file numreous complaints on ocwen loan co. for 4 yrs. now. 4 yrs. and you people have let this go on for 4 yrs. now and now we are going to lose our home. i have repeatedly told you that they are practicing improper practices ( for 4 yrs. ) one day this co. will send us a letter stating our app. is complete and the very next day they will send us a letter stating they need something els. not once, not twice, 4 yrs worth. and i know XXXX XXXX doesnt work for ocwen she started the cfpb and she needs to know that you guys are collecting paychecks for nothing. every complaint i have made you send me a letter stating what ocwen says, i know what ocwen says, and what they say is wrong. they are ruining peoples lives and you people are letting them. 4 yrs. to put a family through XXXX is about enough, dont you think so? what if they was doing this to your mother, daughter, brother, sister, you can bet your XXXX would be putting a stop to it then, right? when i first called ocwen for help they told us we must be 3 mo behind before they can help us. we reluctantly did and its been hell from there. we filled out an app. for help and the very first offer they made us was a higher housepayment. thats ok, right? then they drug it out for almost a yr. having us refax, resend, rewrite, redo, whatever it was, they did it.thats ok, right? we found save the dream which helped us for 15 mo. and i honestly thought ocwen would be gone by then for their improper practices. nope, they are still here. so we reapplied, and of course, they started it all over again. well, we lost or cant find this, can you rewrite that, refax, redo. and this is ok, right? 4 yrs. worth. i hired XXXX lawyers, XXXX took our money and ran so i hired another XXXX to get our money back from him and he took half that so here we are that much more behind. one day a relationship mgr. will call us and tell us our app. is complete, 2 days later they call and need something else. not once, not twice, 4 yrs. worth. i have every bit of my paperwork and documentation to prove this and i also have all my paperwork from you guys thats basically says ok, oh well. and thats ok, right? this co. is ruining lives!!!! and no one cares. im going to go to XXXX news and try like XXXX to get our story on there. i thought i was alone before but now i have like XXXX other people ocwen is doing the same thing to. and thats just in 2 days. ill find more. bc obviously i cant do this alone. and no one in the govt dept. gives a XXXX. FOUR YRS OF XXXX. I now have an XXXX, which is due to how your body handles stress. mmm? not only am i now complaining about ocwen i am contacting the XXXX and complaining about you …. im sick of this XXXX. you people do not belong there if your not going to do your job.

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