Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I want to file a complaint on Seterus regarding in saving my home. Just for Seterus allowed my home to be sold right from up under me. Here is the events that I took to save my home : On XXXX XXXX, XXXX I made every effort to comply : XXXX The process was done with the assistance of XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX HUD approved XXXX XXXX XXXX.

XXXX Was told by Seterus my name was not on account as a co-borrower.
XXXX Was told to go to Probate & get fiduciary letter. When I did XXXX days later paying {$170.00} plus {$12.00} for printing. This had to be signed by my daughters.

XXXX Paperwork was submitted along with XXXX form, Taxes again with signatures and bank statements.

XXXX Follow-up with Seterus per any other documents needed they sent a new XXXX ( with check bot ) and they wanted a new XXXX award letter & retirement.

XXXX Faxed over re-requested documents ( was told will make sure F/C date was noted ).

XXXX Follow-up spoke to XXXX XXXX she assured all documents in was being escalated to push back F/C sale date. Asked that I call on XXXX for follow-up Stated the fil was in review received letter that all documents in and was being reviewed.

XXXX Follow-up with Seterus file in review I received a letter stating all documents was in and in review.

XXXX Received a letter saying that my property was sold on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX I made every effort, complied with all that was asked of me WHAT HAPPENED!!! Why now was my name an issue? I was allowed to repayment plan in XXXX – again way was my home sold and I did everything in my power to comply. For the past four years I have had to deal with the loss of my husband, my health and among other things I ‘m trying so hard to keep what I worked so hard for so my children can have a place to come to.
I am a XXXX year old woman with health problems I XXXX. I have been so stressed out and frustrated over this whole ordeal that I feel like there nothing else for me to do. I thought that you were supposed to help your customers not rob them from their home. I and my husband worked hard to purchase the house we would spend the rest of our lives in only for it to be snatched right from under me. I simply do n’t understand that at all. What happened to nice America is it gone it is ashamed that I have had to go through this ordeal to approve or try to save my home. I feel at this point you were never was out to help me to save my home but just to sit me out doors in the streets. All I ‘m asking if you could work with me on this matter of saving my home.

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