Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I applied for assistance in saving my home on XX/XX/XXXX. My full complete financial package was sent in and I awaited a response from my servicer ASC. I hired an attorney to assist me with my submission. On XX/XX/2015 my attorney was notified by ASC that I was denied. My attorney asked for the reason and no reason was given. My attorney asked what income was used in my review and ASC said they could not tell us. That everything would be included in a denial letter that should go out in 5-7 days. We waited until XX/XX/2015 and never received any denial letter or NPV chart. ASC conveniently allowed the 30 day period to appeal expire before giving any information at all regarding my denial. I am sure there was an error in the review because they later told me an income of $XXXX per month was used in the review. I work a XXXX employee job and make over $XXXX per month gross income without the rent I now also receive for the XXXX unit (duplex) of myhome. I have heard that ASC purposely does not send out denial letters in order to evade having to review appeals. This is the case with my loan.

After the 30 days expired in which I could appeal, ASC now tells me verbally that my income they used in my review was $XXXX per month????? This is NOT correct and now conveniently the 30 day timeline to appeal has already expired. To date I have asked ASC for my denial letter from my last review several times and have never received it or anything related to my denial. I have also asked several times for the NPV chart related to my application and that has never been issued to me. In an attempt to address this error on ASC’s calculation of my income, my attorney re-submitted my financial information on XX/XX/XXXX. Now ASC refuses to even let me re-apply (See attached letter) stating they won’t review me now because I don’t have a sufficient change in circumstance. This is simply Wells Fargo’s (ASC) way of evading review for assistance.

My understanding of the error ASC is making (or what they are doing on purpose to get me denied for assistance) in reviewing my income is they are deducting “un-reimbursed employee expenses” from my XX/XX/XXXX income. They are deducting my last years deductions (XX/XX/XXXX) from my XX/XX/XXXX income! I wrote them a letter advising them I no loner have these expenses in XX/XX/XXXX at all and to deduct last years expenses from this years income is not correct. In addition, I also have since rented out the other unit (My home is a duplex) for XXXX since my last review. This is a significant change in circumstance as it represnts at least a 11% increase in my monthly income. My attorney has reviewed my NPV and state that if ASC correctly reviews my income and does not deduct (unreimbursed expenses that i no longer have) as well as adds the new rent my NPV is positive. However, ASC (Wells Fargo) now has a department set up for the sole purpose of evading reviews of home owner’s requests who are attempting to correct their financial situation in order to save their home. The department is now called the “Re-entry” department. They are solely the ones now blocking me from review after I discovered an error + have an increase in income. All I am requesting is for ASC to simply stop playing games and truthfully review me using my real actual income and not some made up number simply to evade assisting me.

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