Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I have continuously submitted to my mortgage lender, Americas Servicing Company ( ASC ), documents to modify my home loan. They have continuously been asking for the same documents over and over and over again for over a year now.
I have been through XXXX Home Preservation Specialists.
The current XXXX is XXXX XXXX. He has not been of any help just as the XXXX prior to him.
They have sent requests ( form XXXX ) to order my tax returns from XXXX numerous times. I have provided the information and they have still been requesting these same documents. I have even sent them copies of my tax returns. In addition, they continue to ask for my business tax returns. They have been sent copies numerous times as well. They continue to claim signatures are missing and pages of my tax returns are missing. I continue to tell them there are no pages missing and returning signed tax returns. Again, this is a repeated process that has been going on for over a YEAR! All documents are sent to them by their requested deadline and uploaded on their site.
Everything they request has been returned timely and sent to them numerous times. I ‘ve even had to submit the original application twice so they can by time and not service my request.
When is it time they process my application?
I am trying to get approved for a HAMP loan and this mortgage servicer, Americas Servicing Company, and Wells Fargo need to work with their consumers when they are in need and quit playing games. I attached only a partial paperwork I have been receiving from them for well over a year as it is so many documents they send to make it appear they are helping their customers, when in fact they are only repeatedly finding reasons to request the same documents over and over again.

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