Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

My family income rate decreased which lead us to apply for a loan modification 3 years ago. This process of mitigation has gone back and forth for 3 years with no resolution until now … .FORECLOSURE! A realtor company just arrived to my door to inform me that our home was forclosed on Tue, XXXX XXXX. No one from Nationstar had contacted us at all. We were told that the foreclosure process would be stopped upon receiving the requested documents. This loan started with XXXX XXXX XXXX but was sold to Nationstar. The communication is horrible with Nationstar, until the last minute, to request an IMMEDIATE update on paperwork and repetitive forms that have already been faxed or emailed with confirmation. However, we ALWAYS immediately send every form/document, hardship letter, profit and loss statement, letter of explaination, etc has been sent in a timely manner. We do n’t always get a confirmation from Nationstar that they ‘ve received the documents so we have to call or email them. We ca n’t get any one particular person to handle our case so it ‘s always difficult and almost impossible to consistently reach someone to discuss your case or issues. No clerk/technician ever has any concrete information about your case being settled, etc. They can only tell you if the documents have been received or not. After successfully receiving all requested documents our home has now been foreclosed. We ‘re capable of paying for our home but not at these extremely high interest rates. We ‘d still love to keep our home but just do n’t know what else to do. We ‘ve even been using a third party, XXXX XXXX XXXX ( Foreclosure Prevention ) to no avail. XXXX is just as shocked about the foreclosure as we are and instructed me to file this complaint. Also, the realtor, XXXX, suggested I file a complaint as well because this happens too often and it does n’t seem as though banks want to work with the occupants at all. What else is the consumer to do when you ‘ve done all that was requested? All requests were honored in timely manners. If at all possible, IMMEDIATELY. We ‘ve worked hard for what we have and are fighting for our rights to be property owners at this address. We ‘re young hard working professionals as a family of XXXX, who ‘s faced hardships and misfortunes just like others but we ‘re financially stable now and do n’t know what else to do. PLEASE HELP!

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