Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

First of all I want to express my anger and frustration with US Bank Home Mortgage. They have done absolutely nothing to help us resolve our mortgage issues. We have requested to have a loan modification 4 times in the past several years and have been turned down each time. My husband is working XXXX jobs in order for us to be able to afford the mortgage payment each month and he can not do it anymore due to health concerns. He has XXXX. I recently under went XXXX to XXXX am unable to do the many simple everyday tasks at home I used to do. We have expressed this to US Bank on our last request and they did say we were eligible for the loss mitigation program and after 5 months of waiting they sent us a letter denying our request as we did not qualify. This is ridiculous. All we want is to lower our mortgage payment by refinancing so we can get a lower interest rate. They refuse to help us. They basically told us we need to stop making payments to get their help. Why on earth would be ruin our credit when we have worked so hard to restore it after having to file bankruptcy back in XXXX? We can not get a loan anywhere else due to the fact our current mortgage is way over the value of the home. US Bank approved our loan back in XXXX for {$260000.00} based on a bogus appraisel done by XXXX. Our house was never worth {$260000.00} especially when we purchased it originally in XXXX for {$150000.00} ( this was a brand new construction home ). US Bank did do a drive by appraisel on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX and appraised it at {$180000.00} that is a far cry from {$260000.00}. We still owe {$230000.00} on the mortgage so we are basically SOL going anywhere else to refinance. This has been a total nightmare since we started this process back in XXXX. We are at our wits end with US Bank. What gets me is they can go and spend XXXX XXXX dollars on a new football stadium, but they refuse to help us. This is why people do crazy things that they normally would n’t do. Another thing is there customer service sucks! They are absolutely no help and no one has a clue what the other one is doing or has done. I know we are not the only customers of US Bank with issues, I have read hundreds and hundreds of complaints about US Bank. Someone needs to stand up to them and hold them accountable for approving bogus loans. We are now at the point of just turning the home over to US Bank and let them deal with trying to get {$230000.00} for it. We are fed up with US Bank and their shenanigans!!

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