Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I have been trying to modify my loan for almost FOUR years now, since XXXX XXXX. The XXXX XXXX packages I filed, all with MetLife and then the last transferred to Chase, were mishandled and processed as Short Sales … NEVER was any paperwork completed for a short sale during that time frame. I filed a complaint with Chase ‘s corporate office and they looked into the matter. They returned a denial for assistance very quickly. So the house was then put up for Short Sale in the end of XXXX. XXXX offer came in and by late XXXX was withdrawn due to the buyer failing to meet certain requirements. I again filed a modification package, using an attorney ( XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX ). XXXX of XXXX Chase informed me that they needed a Request For Mortgage Assistance form … it was with the original package yet they mysteriously lost it. My attorney confirmed it was sent, but I resent everything on XXXX XXXX. XXXX XXXX I called and verified they received everything, they did. Now they needed a Quit Claim Deed Form?? I have been doing this ALONE for almost 4 years and they just now tell me I need this form?? The co-borrower would not sign and I came home on XXXX XXXX to find a Sheriff ‘s Sale notice. Calling Chase I learned they put it in the system XXXX XXXX, THE DAY I TALKED TO THEM ABOUT MY PACKAGE!
Now Chase is telling me they have no record of the previous packages in their system, they only see the short sale and this resent package. Offered no help so I called the Executive Office ( XXXX ext. XXXX ) and tried to speak to the representative handling my account … NO ANSWER. Left voicemail – XXXX TIMES – no return calls.
I am disgusted how these big banks push us around and throw our accounts around like they are nothing to them … well this is my home that I share with my son and enough is enough! Lawyers are telling me my only alternative is to file for Chapter XXXX bankruptcy, which is the last thing I want to do seeing that there is no guarantee that acceptable terms for a modification will be reached … leaving me still with a foreclosure on my credit and the addition of a bankruptcy?!

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