Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I ‘m a father of XXXX beautiful children ages XXXX. I ‘m also the only bread winner in our house since my wife is a stay home mom. I ‘ve been in the XXXX sine XXXX and it started out really well. I was working XXXX that sold about XXXX a month. I was a XXXX and a XXXX at the time. In XXXX I got switched to our XXXX that only sold about XXXX cars a month. This transition took my income from about {$13000.00} a month to about {$5500.00}. So why am I filing a complaint? Well during this time I started to get behind on my mortgage. I held on for a while until the end on XXXX when my AC had gone out and I had to pay {$6000.00} to have it replaced. Then a rep from my 2nd mortgage company started calling me and coming to my place of business. He kept asking when they were going to get paid and I told him I was trying to do a modification. He told me if I could come up with {$5500.00} dollars then they would modify my loan. So I did, then about 6 weeks later I received a XXXX from them in the amount of {$85000.00}. They charged off my 2nd mortgage. Since all of this seemed to be happening all at once I decided to look at the option of a bankruptcy. I located a local bankruptcy attorney in the area and my wife and I paid him a visit. After carefully looking at our situation he gave us an option of a chapter XXXX bankruptcy. So in XXXX of XXXX we filed our case. My wife and I included her vehicle our Mortgage with XXXX and the few credit cards we had at the time. The bankruptcy was discharged in XXXX of XXXX. I thought that after this it was all over … …. Was I ever so wrong. It was about 2 yrs later that my wife and I thought about buying a new house, so we began our search. I had done numerous things to rebuild my credit since the discharge. Since I was in finance at the dealership I knew what and how to effectively do this. After falling upon a neighborhood that was under construction we found a model and fell in love. Then came the low blow … While trying to get qualified for a VA loan ( yes I ‘m a veteran ) we were informed that our old house was still in our name. We were totally confused. Well it comes to find out that just because the dept was out of our name the property was still ours. So the 2 year rule of trying to get a VA loan does n’t start until the sale of the property. So we contacted XXXX about the situation. They told us that a forclosure sale date was set but then changed for whatever reason. I tried working out different modification options and even a deed in lieu. They would n’t approve anything. Since I had moved back to the XXXX I was making money again and they said I made too much for a modification. Then in mid XXXX XXXX sold all their paper to Chase Mortgage. Funny thing is that is where it still is today. Yes XXXX, 5 years after the BK. Chase has done nothing to try to foreclose the property. All they have done is switch my case from person to person, making me start my story all over to each XXXX I get. They have held my family and I back from trying to move on. I still cant buy a house. I ‘m STUCK!! My old house was finally foreclosed on in XXXX of XXXX by the home owners association. They filed a XXXX claim I was told by XXXX that I have to wait until the claim is paid or 3 yrs from claim date XXXX to be able to get approved for a mortgage. This is unfair. I think chase should pay the claim and let me move on. Since they have been sitting on this since XXXX. We moved out XXXX last year and now live in XXXX. We want to buy a place we can call home. Were tired of renting and having to change schools all the time. Its not fair to my kids. Any help you can give would be of great assistance!!!

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