Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

in XX/XX/XXXX we notified PHH MTG. that we were experiencing financial difficulty.they told us before they could HELP us we had to be behind XXXX mos. at that time we called again for HELP and were sent a packet to fill out and return, we did. during this time we put house on market with no luck. tried another realtor no luck. husband was injured on job and required XXXX and XXXX by XXXX. He trained for home inspection no luck there houses were not selling!!! XX/XX/XXXX wife retired. XXXX XXXX wife had XXXX XXXX requiring XXXX. HUSBAND TOOK JOBS WHICH DID NOT MEET OUR FINANCIALY NEEDS. STILL TRYING TO SELL HOUSE. NO LUCK. WIFE TOOK XXXX JOBS. XX/XX/XXXX ENLISTED AID OF HOPE filed the ANSWER. went to court XXXX-XXXX times by XXXX XXXX PHH told us that there was nothing they could do for us. ” WHAT ABOUT OBAMA PLAN? ” XXXX XXXX ( which we did not even know was involved in our mtg. ) did not ‘BUY INTO THE OBAMA PLAN!!?? XX/XX/XXXX we moved out and to FLORIDA. we have and are still getting paperwork request from them, we have had XXXX buyers back out due to inefficency of PHH TO move on sale. we have a XXXX cash paying buyer now who is threatening to bow out. a message just today from realtor for recent pay stubs AGAIN. WE JUST SENT AT THAT TIME RECENT PAY STUBS IN XXXX XXXX. OUR MTG. WAS ORIGINALLY WITH XXXX XXXX XXXX, REFI NANCE TO PHH WHO IS BACKED BY XXXX XXXX. OUR OPINION IS THEY ARE PURPOSELY PUSHING US TO FORCLOSURE. THIS IS NOT FAIR TO NEIGHBORS ( HOUSE IS BEING NEGLECTED BY THEM ), REALTOR HER TIME AND MONEY, AND MUNICIPALITIES. PLEASE HELP US THIS IS SO UNFAIR AND PAINFUL TO US. HOME PHONE NO. XXXX OR CELL XXXX XXXX.

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