Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

Due to my place of employment changing to over XXXX miles away from my primary residence, I was forced to move and pursue a short sale of my property. I have been dealing with wells fargo ( my mortgage servicer ) for a year and a half and have gotten little to no assistance from the myriad of home preservation specialists assigned to me. My file has not been kept up with in a satisfactory way, has been handed off multiple times to specialists who do not engage in adequate communication with my short sale attorney, and dropped in and out of foreclosure status when it should not be. It is currently in a foreclosure status with a sale date, when I ‘ve had a short sale contract in place for over a month plus all requested documentation being forwarded to them with receipt of reception. Today in particular when calling to speak to the specialist assigned to my account, I never had the opportunity to speak with her directly, but was forwarded to 4 different departments and spoke with 5 different people. It was not until I demanded to speak with a supervisor that I was able to at least be told that an email would be sent on my behalf to MY specialist assigned to MY account. This is ludicrous! How can I work with a specialist that can not be reached and that I ‘m not allowed to contact? This complaint is for the home preservation department and their inadequacy to communicate with the parties involved to reach a resolution that is both timely and of mutual benefit to all parties.

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