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I am writing this complaint against ASC/WFHM in response to the QWR violations coupled with the unfair, deceptive, and abusive acts and practices that I have experienced at the hands of the ASC/WFHM and their representatives.

On XX/XX/XXXX, I submitted a qualified written request ( QWR ) asking for copies of my origination documentation to validate my debt as well as other documentation to include the transfer of my mortgage from one owner/servicer to another and ultimately, ASC/WFHM. I was shocked when I received a phone call from XXXX XXXX in the executive offices of WFHM on XX/XX/XXXX, refusing to comply with the QWR requirements set forth by RESPA ( see attached letter ). As if that was n’t shocking enough that WFHM ( ASC ) refused to respond to my QWR, XXXX XXXX defended his decision by stating that WFHM ( ASC ) violated FDCPA laws by previously sending out a response to a similar inquiry back in XX/XX/XXXX containing approximately XXXX pages of confidential information to me – the XXXX pages included my name, address, social security number, loan application, mortgage deed and note, etc. – that was left out on my doorstep fro anyone to see and/or steal. I never received the alleged documentation from WFHM ( ASC ) and XXXX XXXX confirmed that it was sent to me without requiring signature and with confirmation from XXXX stating that it was left outside my home because no signature was required. I believe that I am now in jeopardy of someone stealing my identity due to the actions of WFHM ( ASC ) because they did not protect my confidential information and left it on my doorstep for anyone to steal.

To add insult to injury, WFHM ( ASC ) slapped a sale date on my property while refusing to answer my QWR and then sent me the requested documentation finally XX/XX/XXXX, which I believe is a QWR violation of RESPA laws requiring QWRs to be confirmed in writing as received in XXXX days and answered in XXXX days. Why did WFHM ( ASC ) decide to send the QWR response now when they refused XX/XX/XXXX? Was it because I now have very little time to review XXXX pages of documentation before my scheduled sale date … are they hiding something that they do not want me to find?

I am in the process of submitting a RMA in an effort to retain my home and up against a sale date in just a couple weeks. Please hold WFHM ( ASC ) accountable for their actions and please allow me ample time to apply for mortgage assistance while I review the requested documentation to ensure that all federal laws were followed in the transfer of my mortgage loan on my primary residence and to address any predatory lending or toxic loan concerns.

Thank you!

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