Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

On Thursday XX/XX/XXXX, I called Green Tree XXXX to ask what type of modification was available for my loan in response to a letter dated XX/XX/XXXX from Green Tree XXXX. This had been issued because I asked who the ” investor ” was on my loan after being denied a HAMP that I had n’t applied for. I asked for extension XXXX XXXX XXXX as indicated on my letter as my assigned single point of contact. I was told that extension was invalid and my point of contact was XXXX. I asked told XXXX about the letter I received and asked XXXX things XXXX ) Who is my lien holder if Green Tree is only my servicer — XXXX stated that she could n’t tell me that. When I asked why she said that Green Tree services for a lot of companies and asked who I signed my mortgage documents with. I told her I signed with XXXX who was bought by Green Tree and therefore Green Tree should be my lien holder and she said they were n’t. She could n’t tell me who my lien holder is or who the ” investor ” is. But she did tell me that if I do n’t make my payments ( which by the way I gave no indication that the XX/XX/XXXX payment would not be made ) that Green Tree will take my home.
2 ) What type of alternative modification is being offered by the ” investor ”? XXXX told me that my loan is not eligible for any type of modification because it is a mobile home. Then why did I get this letter? That letter is just a form letter that goes out to people like credit card companies send out letters offering credit cards and just because you are preapproved does n’t mean you ‘re going to get the credit card. Excuse me!!!!! No, these letters do n’t just go out to people! XXXX indicated that it was simply system generated! Then why was it dated on XXXX well after my deferment was completed? It was just spit out by the computer XXXX indicated. So if I complete the packet that was included and return it you ‘re telling me I ‘m wasting my time???? XXXX says yes — because you ca n’t get any sort of modification because you have a mobile home. What????????????
The exchange between XXXX and myself was less than pleasant, I do not appreciate the tone with which I was spoken too. Nor do I appreciate XXXX ‘s lack of willingness to answer my questions without basically telling me that there is no modification available even though I have a letter in front of me that says there is!
XXXX then proceeded to take information to submit for a possible modification. Does XXXX have any clue what she is doing??? She tells me that no modification is available then says she will submit for a short term rate modification???? When asked how short term is short term she said she could n’t tell me that. What can XXXX tell me?????
XXXX tells me that she has to verify that my lot rent is current. Mind you this was just done in XXXX by XXXX XXXX when I got the deferment. XXXX says that this has to be done every 30 days! No it does n’t!!!! I have had this loan for 14 years, been in difficulty before and it never had to be verified every 30 days before!!!!!!! I also XXXX the mobile home park where my home is for 8 years — I did not receive phone calls from Green Tree every 30 days!!
I have been trying to get this loan modified since XX/XX/XXXX with no success – just deferrals of payments to the end of my loan.
XXXX needs retraining! Her attitude and refusal to offer or disclose information violates FTC & CFPB regulations.
When I called the XXXX number on the letter, I spoke with XXXX — who was VERY helpful, indicated that they received documents from me and would be working on a permanent rate modification ( Which XXXX said did n’t exist ). XXXX also told me that Green Tree holds my mortgage — not just services it. Surprise! I more or less knew that but XXXX could n’t tell me that?!?!

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