Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I am filing several complaints in regards to Green Tree/Ditech as they have committed hundreds of gross lender misconduct violations in regards to my mortgage through them. Green Tree took the loan over from XXXX who took the loan from XXXX where it originated on XXXX. When Green Tree took over my loan 3 years ago my balance was XXXX ( when it was through XXXX ), currently my balance is XXXX, I want to know in detail how this came about, and I want to know where every penny is? I received a loan mod from Greentree, and my payment went from XXXX a month to XXXX XXXX both of these figures include insurance and taxes XXXX, I want to know how this is possible? Green tree had me between a rock and a hard place, my trail payments were also at XXXX and then when I could not come up with the difference I had no choice but to take the loan mod at XXXX or lose my house. I want to know in detail where and when each and every penny is figured into this? I continued to call XXXX about how this could be possible and I was threatened by XXXX a manager at XXXX X XXXX on XXXX, who stated ” we have been to your home, we took pictures I am looking at them right now, you have a red car and a flag on your porch we are coming and we are going to take your house away from you ”. I want to know in detail what will be done about this to XXXX XXXX professionally, as well as legally by GreenTree in detail please? What actions will take place as a result of this gross lender misconduct as well as being very illegal, in detail? I asked that I not be called at work as it puts my job in jeopardy, I asked this each and every time we spoke however I currently have XXXX VM messages from XXXX, my current account rep. I want to know what in detail will be done as this was also gross lender misconduct as well as illegal, please in detail what will happen as a result of this complaint? Also I have saved every call Green Tree/ now Ditech has made to my cell phone, they started as early as XXXX and went to XXXX, as many as 25 times a day along to calls to my office all saved of course. I want to know what will now happen as a result of this complaint in detail of course. I filed a CFPB complaint in XX/XX/XXXX, also on the very same day allegedly ( I say that because I never received any paperwork until XXXX note of sale tapped to my door ). Ironically this is also the day that Greentree/Ditech allegedly put me in foreclosure. Greentree did answer most of my complaints however they were very general and some downright lies! Again gross lender misconduct. The exact same day Greentree/Ditech answered the complaint they sent my home to a sheriff ‘s sale, ironic I do not think so ; I believe this is also the most severe lender misconduct as it is retaliation for getting the CFBP involved. How can this be possible, I want in details answers and explanations? I want to know the in full detail where every penny is accounted for from day one in full detail, if you own the loan prove it with back up paperwork? Exhibit XXXX is Greetree/Ditech response from this complaint. So I arrive home very late on Tuesday XXXX ironically I chased a homeless woman down in a parking lot to give her my change ( yes if need be this can be verified by the store manager where I was ) only to find Exhibit 2 tapped to my door. I am sure you can imagine the shock and horror I was in as I has called just the day before ( XXXX ) and spoke to XXXX XXXX XXXX who I discussed scheduling a payment with, she gave me the XXXX XXXX XXXX address to send it to. NEVER NOT AT ANY TIME DID SHE MENTION THAT I WAS IN FORCLOSURE THAT A PAYMENT WOULD NOT BE TAKEN OR ANY SUCH MATTER. Again you can imagine my shock. I called again the next morning and spoke to XXXX XXXX XXXX who stated ” I DO NOT SEE THAT YOU ARE IN FORECLOSURE ”, then he put me on hold

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