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I have a predatory mortgage loan with Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance. I purchased a manufactured home through XXXX XXXX who pushed me to use their ” preferred lender ” Vanderbilt Mortgage because they would give me the best deal. When it was all said and done I had put down {$30000.00} for the land, had an interest rate over 10 % and I found out that XXXX was part of Vanderbilt, this was not disclosed to me and this was not an arm ‘s length transaction. XXXX coerced me into using Vanderbilt which gave me a horrible loan!!!

However, the story gets worse, as my property is now up for foreclosure auction on XXXX XXXX. I recently went through a rough divorce, and ran into a lot of unexpected expenses. I also took a HUGE tax hit when my withholding changed and my paychecks decreased significantly. I fell behind on my mortgage during this time and missed several months of payments. I was finally able to dig out of my hole and get back on my feet and reached out to Vanderbilt to see if there were any options to resolve the late payments.

I was told that they would review my information and see what they could do. I was able to make a lump sum payment of {$6000.00} towards the late payments which was more than half of the delinquent amount and believed this would somehow be resolved. However, instead of offering a solution Vanderbilt said that they would not offer any type of resolution other than payment in full of all past due amounts ( when you add in the almost {$5000.00} of legal fees and junk fees ) the amount came to close to {$10000.00}. Vanderbilt said they would not work with me even though they misled me at origination, put me in a high interest predatory 10 % loan and even though I had put {$30000.00} down on this property and recently gave them a lump payment of {$6000.00}. Vanderbilt said they would not work with me because they ” reasonably believe that I have the ability repay my loan under its current terms from my current income. ” What kind of excuse is this? Yes I DO have a job and make sufficient income NOW to repay my loan, but the problem is I am now close to {$10000.00} behind due to my prior financial crisis and Vanderbilt is saying I need to give them {$10000.00} in the next two weeks or they are going to auction off my home. Why ca n’t they offer me some sort of repayment plan or put the late payments back in the balance or consider ANY options? This seems like it is all part of a sinister plan — XXXX XXXX steers me to use a company that they are affiliated with and sell me an interest rate over 10 % after I put down {$30000.00} towards the property. When I run into trouble they have me scrape and scratch to give them everything I have ( {$6000.00} ) with the promise that they will work with me to resolve the rest of the delinquency. However, after I send my information in they say they ca n’t help me because they think I have the ability to repay the loan under its current terms. And oh by the way, we added on {$5000.00} in legal fees and junk fees so now you owe us {$10000.00} and if you do n’t pay us that amount in two weeks we are going to take your home from you.

I read that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is investigating Vanderbilt for predatory and unfair lending practices. I hope you take them down!!! They are engaging in these practices, I am living proof.

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