Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

As was stated on XX/XX/2016, by XXXX. ( president of the XXXX Habitat for Humanity ) XXXX Regardless I had gotten behind on my mortgage payments!
XX/XX/2016 I purchased XXXX money orders in the amount of {$380.00} each and XXXX more on XX/XX/2016 for {$380.00} each, giving a grand total o {$2300.00} plus as of XXXX XXXX there has been a balance of {$380.00} just sitting in my suspense account!.
On XX/XX/2016 I purchased XXXX more money orders in the amount of {$380.00} totaling : {$3400.00} As of XX/XX/2016 according to XXXX XXXX XXXX, escrow department, there has only been 1 payment posted to my account for {$510.00} with a past due balance of {$3800.00} and a {$440.00} in my suspense account!
Late payments to mult financial were withdrawn XX/XX/2016. {$20.00} XX/XX/2016. {$10.00} XX/XX/2016. {$80.00} Total : {$110.00} But I was only late 8 months late yet you ‘ve withdrawn {$110.00} When it should ‘ve only been XXXX! They should ‘ve put that money towards my payments and waited for there late payments, multi-financial is just as much at fault as I am and the people of XXXX habitat that are pulling the strings, I spoke with Multifinancial services and they are blaming my lender ( ” XXXX ” ) ” XXXX Habitat for Humanity ” ( XXXX XXXX ( XXXX ) XXXX the new president and the treasurer XXXX XXXX ( XXXX ) XXXX and the previous president XXXX XXXX at ( XXXX ) XXXX. They sent certified papers to my ” old ” p o box to inform me of the progression and accused me of refusing the letter, when in fact they knew I no longer had that p o box, why did n’t they send it to my home address also? I can tell you why cause they were trying to hide it and kick me out of my home that I ‘ve paid for, for 10 years! No forebearance, no explanation, no help from my lender ” XXXX ” at all, I could n’t even get anybody to talk to me for 2 months from habitat nor Multifinancial services, and I think this is bad business, something needs to happen to change this, please help?? Now it ‘s up for foreclosure, set to auction on XX/XX/2016, which is also my birthday and they know it, really there ‘s 365 days in a year, they are doing this to hurt me more! Spiteful

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