Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

XXXX XXXX – XXXX – XXXX – Goldman Sachs My original loan ( re-fi ) was processed by a lender that had no license, in a bar with no notary present. The Mortgage Broker had no license – his Broker lied and said he did the loan – I never met the man. The Illinois XXXX XXXX of Banks and Real Estate said the Managing Broker of this Company will never have another license in Illinois without answering to this complaint. He is now doing reverse mortgage in Florida last time I checked. The person who did my loan has a cease and desist order against him in Illinois for other financial deals.
My loan had a pre-payment penalty addendum – I asked the Lender over and over – no pre-payment penalty correct? Yes, he answered over and over – HE FORGED MY NAME. – The very Document they are sueing me with is a forgery.
My lender told me my taxes and insurance were included with my payments – I circled the language during my signing of the papers – TAXES AND INSURANCE WERE NOT included in my payment of {$1200.00} per month. I paid more than {$26000.00} to get, my mortgage out of foreclosure. I was told by the Attorney representing the Mortgage Company it would be illegal to take my check if it was not every penny I owed to get my mortgage up to date and out of foreclosure. They took my check – the Judge dismissed my suit.
One month later the Mortgage company sent me a notice that my account was still in arrears more than {$8000.00} – surely there must be a mistake as this is illegal, right?
My mortgage increased from {$1200.00} per month to more than {$2600.00} per month. I paid the mortgage as long as I could hoping to get this straightened out.
In 2010 I received a trial modification – 3 months which I paid successfully – and was denied a permanent modification – as the ” INVESTOR ” did not approve.

I NEED a permanent modification to save my home! I was told today by XXXX ‘s Representative I {$50000.00} payment would need to be made to obtain a modification. I see that XXXX is not on the list of HAMP/HARP Servicers – but the Owner is Goldman Sachs as I understand it as it has been for quite some time. Transferred to another servicer owned by Goldman Sachs.
I am on my XXXX Attorney to fight this loan – and each time the Attorneys say I have a case. XXXX Mortgage is getting very close to getting a judgement against me as my Attorney is XXXX and seems to have given up. I need help getting a loan modification and help with this situation.

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