Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I lost my full time contract with my job and got behind in my payments. I completed all the paperwork for a modification. The company sent me a notice that they did n’t have all of my paperwork in time to review my package. But, I completed all of the documents. I got a phone call that I did not send my income verification form and that it needed to be filled out and to sent in immediately. But I had already forwarded the letter of employment and my salary amount to them.They emailed this ” income verification form ” with no code for me to open it. Since I could n’t open it, I just emailed back my employment letter with the salary amount. Every time I called for information no one understood what I was saying ( everyone in the customer service office is in XXXX ). When I asked for someone in the United States, the representative told me she could not transfer me to the States and I would have to keep calling the same number until someone from the Stateside picked up.
I was sent a notification in the mail that my home was in foreclosure and the sell date was XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. I called and was told they had not received my income verification form. I told them I emailed the salary letter. The representative told me I needed to complete the form. I told him I could not open the document, because no one had given me a code. This representative told me, the code is the last XXXX of your social security number. So, I went immediately and opened the form to complete it. That ‘s when I found out that the ” income verification form ” was an IRS transcript request form!! I called back and asked why they needed a new form, because I had included everything with my documents. I was told the form was completed improperly. I asked them how? I was not allowed to alter ANY of the documents sent, and I was instructed to only complete the budget form and sign all the others. The representative stated that the ” income verification form ” only include the years XX/XX/XXXX, XX/XX/XXXX, and XX/XX/XXXX but XX/XX/XXXX would be needed.So, I immediately forwarded the new document along with a completed IRS transcript I had already received for my son ‘s financial aid account at his school.I called a few days later to check on the status of the modification and was told my modification had been rejected because my paperwork was incomplete! I again asked to speak with someone in the US, I was advised they could not transfer me and that the foreclosure on my home would proceed on XXXX XXXX. I asked how much it would cost to reinstate my loan, but the individual was not sure about the total and just told me to send in {$6400.00}. So, then I called the attorney ‘s office handling the foreclosure ( XXXX XXXX XXXX ). The representative could not tell me about a reinstatement cost and directed me back to the company and to as for the Loss mitigation department. I called OCWEN again and asked to speak with someone in the loss mitigation department. I was told there was no loss mitigation department.I searched for a U.S. number and found XXXX. I called the number on Monday and was transferred to a woman named XXXX XXXX ( XXXX ext XXXX ). She apologized for the misunderstandings and advised me to forward {$4500.00} by bank wire only directly to any XXXX XXXX using the following information : OCWEN LOAN SERVICING , LLC IN TRUST FOR VARIOUS INVESTORS AND MORTGAGES routing # XXXX account # XXXX and to include my name, account number, and property address. She told me to fax the bank wire transfer receipt directly to her at XXXX or to fax it XXXX XXXX ( phone number XXXX ext XXXX ) at XXXX on XX/XX/XXXX. Everything was sent as instructed. I called to verify the stop on the foreclosure & was told it had been stopped. Was told on XX/XX/XXXX by HOPE the foreclosure was completed. The cash bank wire was returned 13 days later on XX/XX/XXXX reason : not enough information.

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