Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

For the last several years my loan service provider ( Bayview Home Loans ) for the XXXX has been lying about the fact that the XXXX on our mortgage ‘agreed to a $ XXXX buyout ‘ on the loan if sold or short sale or DIL. All the while denying us an assistance whatsoever over the years saying ‘we ca n’t do anything but foreclose because your XXXX has not responded to the buyout request ‘ This is unacceptable, not even mentioning all the other tactics, but this one was the last straw. I found out when she let it slip out on one our our rare phone calls that ” all we ‘ve been waiting for is a {$200.00} bill you need to clear up because the XXXX signed off long ago ”.
When I called her on it, she admitted it but did not stop the many foreclosure attempls on our home, which we fight off with skeleton Chapt. XXXX filings, in hope they will come clean before next sales date, but no, they continue to nothing other than try to sell the house at auctions. What can I do? Where’sre more than 3 years behind on our mortgage because of these and other tactics they have played on us over the years, but to know they lie to just to try to sell our home! No! Over the years they claim to have lost our essential paperwork at least 8 times, continued to put us on a merry-go-round of ‘loan reviews ‘, which only serve to push us deeper into depth over the months of processing and no trial payment periods … then use the fact that we are now ‘too far behind, you now owe more than the guidelines require for help, .. we do n’t have to help you ‘ But, this bold face lying about the XXXX not responding is beyond the normally terrible, anti-home owner service you normally see.
On top of all this, the home was built ‘Defective ‘ by XXXX XXXX … and they do n’t want to pay for repairs, so a class action lawsuit has been going on for four years.

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