Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I have a mortgage with Wells Fargo. I became late with 3 payments due to lack of employment. I had consistent employment up to XXXX XXXX. I was paying my montly mortgage payments. I called to see if I could qualify for a payment plan and filled out the financial paperwork. This was in XXXX XXXX. I had gotten a temporary job for {$18.00} an hour on XXXX XXXX, XXXX. I also have a part-time job I work 10 hours a week. I sent them the paperwork and they denied a payback plan to me. Which is putting the amount I owe onto the end of my payments. I had a loan modification last spring ( not sure on exact date ), so I do n’t qualify for that. I knew that going into this, so I asked for a payback plan. So the same day they called to tell me I was denied, I got a new position with the job I am at in a different department making {$25.00} an hour. I have to work to the end of the contract until they can hire me fulltime, so I appealed their decision and sent in more paperwork and they denied me on XXXX XXXX, XXXX. Meanwhile I ca n’t make any payments and the amount I owe is growing to {$7000.00} and I am getting frustrated and angry with how I am being treated. So when she called to tell me I was denied, she told me I was denied for a loan modification. I told her I was not applying for a loan modification. The preservation specialist knew what I was applying for. I do n’t understand how they got their lines crossed, but again they do it to me. I am very proactive in my life and also was with finding work and communicating with Wells Fargo, but they are not good at talking back to me. Confused!!!!! Please help?????

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