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I have been victimized, XXXX by a toxic mortgage loan and now by a toxic foreclosure process in which the courts seem complicit. I feel like a poster child for XXXX XXXX XXXX A FIGHTING CHANCE. XXXX XXXX confiscated the remainder of an insurance payout after stonewalling my requests for payments for work done in accordance with the insurance adjusters estimates. Not only did they compromise my contractor, an independent adjuster whose funds were released only after he threatened to place a lien on my property, but they also precluded me from the right to appeal for funds to complete work on my property by demanding repetitive forms, letters, notarizations and an endless bureaucracy of paper work. They chose to release only the amount sufficient to pay the adjuster ‘s fee so that he would not place a lien, then they confiscated the remaining funds. My understanding was that they would apply them to my mortgage for approximately XXXX payments. Instead the chose to apply the money to the back-end principal, foreclosing on my property immediately upon a thirty-day default in XXXX before I even realized I was in arrears. I had no way of making my property whole out of personal funds and realized I was a victim of ” foreclosuregate. ” I sought Legal Aid when Debt Collector/Foreclosure XXXX law firm XXXX XXXX filed the foreclosure in the name of XXXX XXXX Bank XXXX I was told that because of Sequester no funds were available. I was advised as to how to fight the foreclosure by filing an Answer. I followed the Agency ‘s instructions meticulously, and filed the Answer. When my foreclosure was scheduled for a hearing I again applied to Legal Aid for help, only to be told that they then could not help because I had already filed arguments on my own and that neither Legal Aid nor any other lawyer would want to follow on the foundation I had laid — ” catch XXXX! ” Foreclosure XXXX, Debt Collection firm, XXXX XXXX XXXX pursued the foreclosure on behalf of XXXX XXXX until XX/XX/XXXX, when XXXX XXXX sold my mortgage to XXXX Bank XXXX as of. At the hearing of XX/XX/XXXX, before XXXX Courthouse, XXXX County PA, Debt Collector XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX continued their representation, but then listing the Plaintiff as XXXX Bank XXXX XXXX Bank XXXX. as Trustee for XXXX XXXX. The judge rejected my request for an XXXX XXXX ) because they did not want to inconvenience their ” roving robo-testifier ” who had already booked a flight from XXXX, TX, XXXX XXXX XXXX, Vice President of Legal Documentation for Rushmore Loan Management Services. It is understandable that XXXX XXXX was a bit confused as to documentation, after all his complany had owned my loan for barely six months at the time of his testimony. He answered Foreclosure Mill ‘s lawyer XXXX XXXX by attesting to how he travels all over the country in his VP of Legal Documentation to testify. The judge expressed sympathy for his schedule. I challenged XXXX XXXX testimony that Rushmore had placed my Homeowner ‘s Insurance, for instance. I pointed out that Rushmore had phoned my XXXX XXXX agent to make sure that Rushmore was on my policy, XXXX that I have been maintaining and continue to do so for more than thirty years. In a later filing of a motion to reassess arears, the XXXX of XXXX in their foreclosure action, the Debt Collectors alleged that they in fact held and paid for the insurance on my property and listed it on my obligations to them — forced, ” double ” placement? During the continued hearing on XX/XX/XXXX, I was allowed to present ” my side ” according to XXXX XXXX. He did not allow me to read the testimony I had prepared, but received the Exhibits I had prepared ( Continued under separate cover — length exceeded here )

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