Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

We are a victim of Ocwen mortgage and their fraudulent activities, such as adding misc fees and misdocumentation of our payments. They refused us a modification after 4 months of sending us letters stating ” loan modification is available to you, ” then simply sending a letter stating through various successors and mergers our loans current investors wo n’t allow a modification. We obtained and paid what we thought was a reputable attorney who was able to get a modification for us, they would not reveal the terms until after we made the trial payments. The terms were for us to sign we now owe {$200000.00} ( the original mortgage was for {$190000.00} in 2006 which we have paid over {$150000.00} of over the last 9 years XXXX and after paying for another 22 years they want us to pay a balloon payment of {$110000.00}! The attorney ‘s office originally told us not to sign until they clarified the numbers since it sounded ” a bit off ”, really? After nothing was done about this severe miscalculation the attorney ‘s office sent us an email on XXXX XXXX stating we need to sign and overnight the documents by XXXX XXXX to the opposing council ( attorney ‘s for Ocwen ), to which we replied ( are you kidding?!! ) we will not give up but we really do not know where to turn anymore!

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