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Dear CFPB representative, I paid my mortgage on time as well as my own taxes and insurance without the need for an escrow account per my Mortgage and Note but wound up defending myself against foreclosure threatened by Ocwen Loan Servicing for a mistake that Ocwen made that was reflective of Ocwen ‘s inability to effectively and lawfully service my mortgage. All of the documentation is attached both from my end as well as Ocwen ‘s response to the apparent escrow fraud that was and still is occurring.

In XXXX 2014, Ocwen accidentally paid approximately {$70000.00} to my county for my property taxes that had already been paid on time by me as evidenced by the attached, which was clearly a mistake and any Ocwen representative should have recognized that huge amount immediately charged against XXXX person ‘s mortgage account. Nonetheless, Ocwen DID NOT recognize it but rather opened an escrow account for my loan due to erroneous delinquent taxes ; Ocwen paid the taxes for every apartment in my building but only from my sole mortgage account.

This seemed absurd so I called Ocwen to report the mistake, which Ocwen finally acknowledged in writing ( see attached ) but then repeated their erroneous actions over and over, again and again – believe it or not – until I had to hire outside assistance to help me rectify the issue because Ocwen was now threatening me with foreclosure. Really? How could Ocwen threaten foreclosure on me when all payments were paid on time and the mistakes made were all Ocwen ‘s by their own admission … this was crazy!

The assistance that I hired – and would like for Ocwen to reimburse me for since they refused to correct their mistake for 10 months and counting without the help – was able to get Ocwen to once again close the escrow account in the past 30 days but Ocwen still held out over {$200.00} in payments in an ” escrow suspense ” account for no reason other than for fraudulent reasons since I do not and have never had an escrow account.

I have spent almost a year trying to fix Ocwen ‘s mistake and I would like Ocwen to be held accountable for the unfair and abusive mortgage servicing practices ( threatening foreclosure for their mistake then not correcting it for almost a year ). Also, I would like to be reimbursed for all expenses and fees paid by me to correct Ocwen ‘s mistake to include the hired help and other associated fees since Ocwen makes me pay their fees for their fraudulent and erroneous actions ; in fact, I ‘d like any and all fees associated with their mistakes for the past year to be reimbursed and reconciled in my favor.

It is inexcusable that I would have to defend my home from Ocwen ‘s threat of foreclosure when I have remained XXXX in compliance with my Mortgage and Note ; their actions are fraudulent, unfair, abusive, violating and most of all egregious and abhorrent. Ocwen should be made to pay for the stress they have caused me too.

Thank you in advance for your time and help with this matter and please see the attached that validates all of the aforementioned.

Sincerely, XXXX XXXX

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