Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I started my complaint with the regular customer service to apply for a ” Affordable Fixed Mortgage Payment ”. After I was bombarded by several financial issues and lost my parents XX/XX/XXXX, shortly after diagnosed with XXXX illness which I was prohibited to work for several months. Which I perused to applied ( 3 ) times for a Loan Modification or to obtain an Affordable Fixed Loan with Wells Fargo Bank, which I ‘ll would called monthly to checked the status of loan since the bank was not followed on it. I applied 3 times because the bank keep losing my documents that I provided to them. So, I went ahead and submitted the documentation that the bank required from me to continued with ” Affordable Home Mortgage Payment. Every month that I called to checked on my case the bank reaffirmed me to wait and not to do my payment and nothing could be done then just wait until decision was made it! ..The bank waited 9 months to informed me that my loan modification or affordable payment was denied! Not just that.. I was told that my credit was not going to be affected! That was not true! They sent me to collection, charged me late fee ‘s for all the most that I was behind, knowing that I was not informed to do the right thing! Also, the bank is charging me escrow … almost {$70.00} dls? When I asked, why they were changing me escrow, they informed me that they were changing me for the property insurance?! When, I had insurance, at the time of the whole process. I have this insurance for many years. So, I ending paying property insurance twice! I faxed them the proof of the insurance. They ignored my fax and they ‘re still changing me for insurance. I will be renewing my ins premium in XXXX XXXX. Now staring XXXX XXXX, XXXX, my mortgage is going up {$700.00} dollars more in my mortgage, not including property taxes and Insurance, besides others regular expenses. I asked why and they told me that back on XX/XX/XXXX, I made a loan modification. I member they sent me some documents but I never reviewed those documents and I do not have copies of that? When XXXX went out of business and Wells Fargo Bank took over several mortgage loans that impacted us badly, I did n’t know that this was going to happened and affect us tremendously, since we were charged only interest, and not just that they were ” adjustable ”. I do not want to lose my house since is my family roof. I sold a town house that I have enough equity and put XXXX DOLLARS to buy this house, which now I realized that I lost all my equity and now this house is d evaluated, I owned to Wells Fargo Bank more then what is worth it! I know I qualify for a Fixed Affordable Mortgage Loans for 30-40 years, that President Obama granted to families as my family and that ALL banks are obligated to engaged families with financial hardships, and WELLS FARGO BANK IS ONE OF THE BANKS THAT HAVE VIOLED RULES AND REGULATIONS OF URBAN AND HOUSING .Therefore, as a Citizen I have the right to obtain a Fair Housing and Wells Fargo Bank should work with me as a excellent customer to fit me in to a Fixed Lower Rate to obtain Affordable Mortgage Payment. It ‘s already XXXX XXXX and I ‘ve requested for months before this month come up to comply with my request as requested, I ‘ve escalate to the Executive Department and without sympathy, a executive by the name XXXX, executive member of Wells Fargo Bank told me that if ” I can not afford to make the payment anymore ” then I should be prepare for foreclosure and when he heard me started crying over the phone, he stated without sympathy, well when clients can not afford to pay their mortgages we started putting houses in foreclosure! Than he stated, well if you could fax me documents he requested from me and said, well see what can we do for you! Give me a call next Friday, XX/XX/XXXX, and I will see w/ hpd. No news..

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