Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I had paid my pmts as agreed to nationstar mortgage. I became ill and could not work fulltime and missed XXXX pmts. I kept nationstar updated and told them I would be released for work XXXX and planned on making double payments for XXXX months to catch up. They agreed. On XXXX XXXX I called nationstar to have my XXXX payments deducted and they said the could not accept a partial pmt from me. I would need to go thru a loan modification process to get a repayment plan. I told them I did not want my loan modified I only wanted to pay my payments as previously discussed. They said they would not accept any payments and my only option was to pay the past due payments in full or they would begin foreclosure. I immediately filled out the modification documents they required in XXXX XXXX. I called and checked my status religiously. They time and time again asked for me to resend the documents I had already sent XXXX and XXXX and XXXX times previously. This continued and I continued to get foreclosure postings on my door. And served with papers scaring me and my daughter as this is our home of XXXX years. I built this home and have equity in it. This scenario continues and they put a sale date on my home in XXXX XXXX for XXXX/XXXX/XXXX. On XXXX I called as usual for updates and they tell me I am denied a modification and no repayment plan is available. They denied me and are moving forward with the foreclosure because I had a loan modification back in XXXX due to losing my husbands income ( divorce ) and our daughter had huge medical bills due to an accident which resulted in brain injury. I was XXXX pmts behind. I have had the money to pay those payments. I did not want a loan modification. But I am denied a loan modification that I did not ask for and they are foreclosing on my home of which I can and had been making payments on. I ‘ve worked for the XXXX for XXXX yrs. I have enough money to pay my payment. But I am denied a loan modification on my fha loan because I had on nearly XXXX years ago. I need help. Me and my daughter live here. It is our home of XXXX years. Prior to our loan modification in XXXX XXXX … partner and I never had a late payment since XXXX. Now I only wanted to pay XXXX dble payments and I am sitting here XXXX months later after being at their mercy only to be denied a payment plan and they are foreclosing on me. How can this be legal? I asked if I had more income if it would help and nationstar said no … .your income is fine … you are only denied due to having a previous loan modification. They said I can reapply for a loam modification in XXXX. But they are foreclosing and will not accept payments this month.?????!!!!! I am mad as XXXX and confused about such a ludicrous process. I do not know how to save my house. Obama plans, consumer rules and the fha loan modification and hamp state that more than XXXX loan modification is allowable. How is it that nationstar can deny me, foreclose on Mt house and tell me I ‘m reeligible XXXX? I ts not American and it ‘s simply not doing the right thing. I can pay my monthly payment. It seems I have no time to do anything except to have to pay an attorney on the chance they can help or to pay an attorney to file bankruptcy and I have no other major outstanding debt. I also have no extra money to pay an attorney. Ive never not paid a debt in my life. I only have my house payment money I ‘ve been saving up to bring my loan current. It ‘s ridiculous nationstar mortgage will not allow me to make my payments. They now say I have to pay all payments at once and their attorney fees and foreclosure fees to stop foreclosure. How can this be lawful? I was XXXX pmts behind. I could pay it then and I can pay my monthly mortgage. … .but I ca n’t pay the now {$19000.00} plus they require. Please help me.

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