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I lost my home of 25+ years to a preditory lender. Granted I was behind in my payments, I was on XXXX with my company at the time. I took out money from my XXXX ( k ) at one point to catch up. When I called to tell them I wanted to pay on my account I was told that I could n’t pay my lender any longer and they referred me to a Mortgaging Services Company ~ the representative from this company told me that she would send me paperwork to fill out, when I told her I just wanted to ” catch up my account ” I was told that I no longer could, that I needed to apply for the HAMP (? not sure ) Program that was available for people like me that get behind. The home was my Marital home that I fought for when my ex husband and I split … the plan was to make sure that I had a home to leave for my son, XXXX XXXX XXXX is XXXX and out of work. Unfortunately since losing his job of 10 years he has not been able to find another since he was XXXX in 2007! Trust me when I say discrimination against XXXX people is alive and well. We have seen it over & over in the last 8 years. Ok, back to the Mortgage Companies practices. She asked me ” would n’t you like to not only keep your home but lower your payment? ” So, I sent all necessary info EVERYTHING she asked for I sent, it was checked off and returned via XXXX XXXX. According to her I had to have everything to her ASAP, my deadline was insane. But she received it, I made sure I sent it ” Direct Signature Required! ” So I knew when it was signed for … well I waited and waited … knowing my deadline for submission to be foreclosed was looming ahead … So I began calling and getting her answering machine …? Funny thing was when I finally did get her got her it was through My original Mortgage Company … I called them and told them what was going on and the person I spoke to said ” Hmmm, that does n’t sound like ” her name ” … let me see if she ‘s available … ” Now when they referred me to this ” mortgage servicing company ” they acted as if it were a separate entity ~ they even alluded to it being in XXXX and not XXXX? Imagine my surprise when I discovered she was in the building? So when she came to the phone I asked her why I have n’t heard back and she grabs my file and says that her Supervisor needed more information. Now my deadline is right around the corner. My question to her is ” Why did n’t you have these items on the original list, why are they even needed now? ” It was detailed information that seemed uneccesarry ~ like they just wanted me on a wild goose chase. As it turns out I get them the info requested and they send the Foreclosure over anyway. Keep in mind that this began with me trying to pay up with my Mortgage Company. Meanwhile I received a phone call from someone that I had spoken to months before in reference to a refinance and since I had him on the phone I asked him about what my Mortgage Co did … he said that the red flag should have gone up as soon as MY Mortgage Co would not accept payment for my Mortgage … that ‘s what they are there for, right? He said he wished he would have pushed a little more months before so that we could have saved my home. I DID come up with the money to save it and DID save it the first time … or so I thought … the XXXX XXXX I borrowed was wasted because they claimed it was n’t enough to save it ~ so my plan was to move back into it … I had also had renters in it with an infant so I was a bit concerned about them … well, rest of the story, long story short … they moved out ~ the place was infested with termites I was told it would be thousands to fix it so I stayed where I am. Thousands later and I lose my family home anyway … it still breaks my heart. Banks should not have the capabilities to be able to do this sort of thing. I was n’t a living, breathing person to them ~ I was only the $ $ that they saw … crooks … my son loses. Again.

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