Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

XXXX XXXX XXXX ( f/k/a XXXX XXXX XXXX ) took over my loan. After suffering a financial downfall in the recession we tried multiple, multiple, times to modify. XXXX had a Foreclosure Mill file for foreclosure while we were still submitting for XX/XX/XXXX or so time paperwork for a mod. Foreclosure was stayed b/ this is our primary residence and due to the DOJ halt on foreclosures on primary residence. The case was dismissed and XXXX quickly agreed to not only a modification but also a principal reduction. GREAT! We did our trial payments … .we signed a modification agreement finalizing the conditions and all was back on track. A few months in I received a notice that our new payment was going to increase by several hundred dollars??? WHY? Apparently there was a negative {$13000.00} in our escrow account that was throwing off the monthly payment. I quickly called my BofA representative that handled our modification ( Not there anymore ), Called/ emailed the Foreclosure Mill that was involved as a contact with my modification. No help. Then went through the multiple departments at XXXX to try and correct the problem. Some reps in certain dept. said, ” Yes, I can see the error but I can not correct it. ” They would just direct me to another department without any resolution. I was told the only way to try and clear up the error would be to apply for another modification. WHAT? I do not want another modification. I just want this error on the escrow account corrected! I ended up sending in all the modification docs yet again b/ it seemed to be my only option. I was denied and then sent to appeals … .then my loan and servicing was closed/sold/transferred to Selene Finance . I quickly explained the situation to the Selene rep. that seemed to have NO information about my past with XXXX. I then sent a QWR certified mail requesting information on the accounting/servicing/terms of the loan they now claim I owe them. After XXXX days I received a reply from Selene which said it had enclosed items such as payment history, detailed acct. history, etc. etc. But none of those attachments were in the packet. I sent A SECOND QWR that was acknowledged by Selene on XXXX/XXXX/XXXX and again it has been 45+ days with no response. My concerns are 1 ) Selene Finance is not adhering to RESPA rules ( over 30 days, NEGATIVE reporting to credit agencies ) 2 ) My original XXXX loan was registered with XXXX but has been inactive since XXXX. 3 ) The assignment recorded in my county has known robo-signers with lapses in recording dates. XXXX XXXX No one will seem to give me a proper chain of XXXX. XXXX ) The assignment from XXXX to XXXX on file at XXXX XXXX is signed by ASSIGNOR : XXXX XXXX. XXXX XXXX is the VP for Selene. Where is the signature from XXXX to Selene? How is it they can purchase my loan at a steep discount and then try to collect much more? How do they have the right to report my loan since it originated on my credit report when they just purchased it 5 months ago?

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