Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

BSI FINANCIAL SERVICES XXXX … XXXX. SOLELY IN IT CAPACITY AS SEPARATE TRUSTEE OF XXXX I am the Product of Dual-tracking that is prohibited by 12 C.F.R 1024.41 ( g ) and the National Mortgage Settlement.
The debt has been sold and transferred and sold many times. I have spent a fortune on lawyers over these 8 years trying to modify my loan. XXXX refused to take my payments. I ‘m XXXX year old ( been a single Mother since I first purchased my home … my goal was to pay my home off by now after almost 25 years! Instead, those payments have been ADDED and used as profit for the current investors! BSI Financial Services states they are my new ” Servicer ” … transferred/sold from XXXX Bank. Not complied with Section 6 of RESPA ( 12 U.S.C Section 2605 ). The new creditor is XXXX SOLELY IN ITS CAPACITY AS SEPARATE TRUSTEE OF XXXX to whom the debt is owed. XXXX Assets is an investment company that specializes in the evaluation, acquisition, management, and sale of distressed debt and real estate.
The XXXX provides debt and equity capital to create and preserve affordable rental housing throughout the United States.
Does this mean they take from the poor to give to the poorer?
I wrote to BSI financial on XX/XX/XXXX and have not received reply with response to my issues. I sent them the appropriate documentation proving proof of payments that previously had been denied. The robot stamping of the note ” copy ”, the notification letters NOT sent to me at my address and property in question. If the XXXX is to preserve affordable housing throughout the United States, why would they want to hurt me? All I have been trying to do since 8 years ago, is try to modify my loan, and honest and hardworking woman … when President Obama firstly created the Hamp Program for the very reason to help people like myself.
I want fairness and kindness and truth ( not lies ). I have been treated wrongly by the Banks starting with XXXX Bank who continuously and monthly for over 5 years tell me I did n’t send the paperwork in on time …. truly ridiculous and stupid and lies. It ‘s been abusive!
NOTICE OF ERROR I, XXXX ( hereinafter referred to as the ” Borrower ” ) in connection with the following Notice of Error under 12 C.F.R. 1024.35, and in connection with a Request for Information pursuant to 12 C.F.R. 12 C.F.R. 1024.36 that is sent contemporaneously with this Notice of Error.
FACTUAL BACKGROUND Prior to the Notice of Assignment of Servicing Rights dated XX/XX/XXXX, Loan Number XXXX was being serviced by XXXX ( a different loan # ) ( hereinafter referred to as ” XXXX ” ) /XXXX ( hereinafter referred to as ” XXXX ” ). I was in direct contact with XXXX. In early XXXX, I began experiencing some financial duress due to lack of employment. I paid my XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX payment ( of which they claim they never received, however, I have the document receipts to prove it they in fact did receive ). XXXX then provided me with temporary relief in the form of a Forbearance Agreement that commenced from XX/XX/XXXX through XX/XX/XXXX. ( I, by the way never asked for that, …. they sent documents telling me that ). ( proof of documents on file ). XXXX agreed to evaluate me for a loan modification if I provided CHF with current financial information. I made all of the payments that were required of me! I provided all of the documents and financial information that was requested from me all the time.
I contend that the banks violated 12 C.F.R 1024.41 ( d ) by not providing me, in writing, for specific reasons for such denial. The banks further compounded this error by not providing me with a right of appeal of the decision in writing.

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