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We have been trying to find a solution to this foreclosure situation we have been facing with Select Portfolio Servicing ( SPS ) for years now. At first, they reviewed us for the XXXX programs ; then, they told us that we were not eligible due to a ” business decision ” by the investor. When we questioned this repeatedly as to what that meant, we were eventually told that the investor does n’t participate in the XXXX programs. Why would our income and other underwriting factors be considered if the investor does n’t participate in the XXXX program?
In XXXX of 2016, we were denied for the in-house program as well. However, the gross monthly income used for the review was shorted about $ XXXX/month even though all documents verifying the household income were submitted in a timely manner. We chose to resubmit a new application with very detailed verifications of income. SPS finally got the gross monthly income correct, but still denied us for any mortgage assistance, once again claiming that the investor did not allow for approval of the in-house program as well. When pressed, we were then told that the reason was actually that they could n’t make an affordable payment based on the guidelines of the program. When we pressed SPS for more details such as the proposed modification payment and what terms were used to reach that proposed payment, we were eventually told that this is ” proprietary information ” that they did n’t want to disclose (!!! ).
We have done everything asked of us to try and resolve this issue and get back on track with our mortgage, but we feel like SPS is doing everything they can to complete the foreclosure process. They have scheduled a sale date for XXXX/XXXX/16!!!!
How can we not be eligible for the XXXX program when SPS has taken so much bailout money ( almost {$2.00} XXXX ” committed ” )? Why wo n’t SPS produce this servicing agreement that prohibits our loan from any participation in these programs? And lastly, why wo n’t SPS show clearly how we do n’t have enough income to be modified under the in-house program they offer others? It ‘s not right that these people keep misleading us as to why we can not get assistance and when we do n’t just accept their denial and ask for details, SPS chooses to be secretive ( indicating they ‘re likely doing something wrong ).

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