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XX/XX/XXXX Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing XXXX SC XXXX CC : Better Business Bureau, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, XXXX Attorney XXXX : XXXX case no. xxxxxx reference no. xxxxxxxxxx account no. xxxxxxxx Property : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Below is a letter I wrote … ….
Dear Shellpoint : Enclosed is a copy of the letters you sent to me, duplicates via certified mail and regular mail, that maybe you need a reminder on.
I have again contacted the BBB and now the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regarding absolute dissatisfaction about your so called seriousness in customer service.
I have called numerous times without a call back from XXXX ( phone number is XXXX and XXXX x XXXX XXXX office ) and he has NEVER called me back. The answering message says he will call back in 24 hours and has NEVER. I spoke to a XXXX yesterday in a rage over the lack of response to close this matter/short sale. The longevity of this sale has been excessive.
This sale should have ended last year XX/XX/XXXX but no one wanted to honor an extension to the closing for a minor glitch on the Buyer ‘s loan company. EVERYONE was in agreement with price, funds to be owed to by myself.
So instead Shellpoint employees have been rude, ineffective, inefficient, and unprofessional in every way on my case. This has made me become a very angry, unhappy person. I HAVE DONE EVERYTHING TO MY RESPONSIBILITY IN PROVIDING INFORMATION to Shellpoint. I have another mortgage co I have to deal with XXXX and both of you can not be on the same page to end this nightmare. XXXX forbid if the employees do their job and get the company the money from this case. Instead they rather keep spending dollars not deserved, waste company time and money over and over and over again!
The Loss Mitigation Dept is a farce. I have seen numerous complaints about Shellpoint from other customers and Shellpoint is still allowed to service the public??
The buyer for the above property has been waiting over a year to receive this home. Shellpoint received my loan from XXXX which they were difficult to deal with also. Shellpoint employees on this acct should have been made full aware of the situation with XXXX and me. I would have expected Shellpoint would want to end this case as fast as possible since money and time was being wasted as it was.
Yesterday I was connected by XXXX to XXXX ‘ manager. I left him a message but of course no return call after I demanded several times, angered by all this, to XXXX. NO ONE HAS DONE their job!!!!!
So I say to you, tell whomever you need to on this case, that there is absolutely NO agreement on an amount that will be given to Shellpoint as previous. Look back at the record and you can see I originally agreed to XXXX and that Shellpoint would give XXXX {$8000.00}. You are more than welcome as usual to contact XXXX Attorney office who has been working endlessly on this case. XXXX is the contact person. I refuse to agree on what was agreed last XX/XX/XXXX. Since both of the mortgage companies have deadlines, I HAVE DEADLINE!!! I have been more than gracious with mine. Shellpoint and XXXX make this case like a never ending ping pong game!!!!! Thus everyone continues to start paperwork, process AAAALLLLLL over.

The letter I received from Shellpoint regarding the BBB complaint I filed was never addressed! You are liars. You send same old information at least 1-2 x a week, lots of duplicate letters as I stated earlier, that shows no progress. NONE at all.

I want a response by Monday XX/XX/XXXX. That response better be a deal closer.

Sincerely aggravated, disgusted, fed up

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