Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

I built a home in XX/XX/XXXX and obtained a mortgage with XXXX XXXX. When they were purchased by XXXX XXXX XXXX, my mortgage was transferred to XXXX. I started to experience financial difficulties and could not make my mortgage payments. I spoke to a lawyer and he advised me to file a Chapter XXXX Bankruptcy. I filed in XX/XX/XXXX for the Chapter XXXX. XXXX sold my mortgage loan to XXXX XXXX in XX/XX/XXXX, who then sold it to Green Tree Financial ( now known as Ditech ) in XXXX. The first thing Green Tree did was add a {$35000.00} past interest charge to the loan. I have tried to contact Green Tree and they will not talk to me, saying that the mortgage is in an active bankruptcy. The bankruptcy was closed in XXXX XXXX successfully paying all creditors. I am trying to refinance my mortgage with XXXX XXXX. The first payoff they received in XXXX XXXX was {$190000.00} ( my original mortgage was {$170000.00} ). Due to so many issues with Green Tree the refinance was not closed quickly. When the second payoff was requested in XXXX XXXX it was {$200000.00}. I made {$6400.00} in payments to Green Tree over this time period ( from XX/XX/XXXX to XX/XX/XXXX ), yet the principal balance remained the same. The escrow balance and the past due interest both went up by {$4000.00} dollars. Green Tree has NOT paid any escrow payments over this time period. I need someone to help me sort this problem out as I can not reach anyone at Green Tree!! PLEASE help me!!! I do not want to loose my home due to a finance company that is ‘playing games ‘ with my mortgage. How can the balance go up when I am making regular payments?? Please advise me as to what can be done, I am not willing to pay these people $ XXXX {$40000.00} extra money that both XXXX and XXXX NEVER asked for?? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did try to do a loan modification with Green Tree, they kept sending my bankruptcy lawyer letters saying I was not providing the information they requested. I have proof of information sent via FAX showing dates they were received by Green Tree. They have since told me that the time line for the loan modification has expired?? I need some help to get this resolved!!!

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