Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

Loan Modification for XXXX XXXX for XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX We started a loan modification process In XXXX of XXXX to adjust the HELOC monthly payment which went from interest only to full pay on short term ( from XXXX $ to XXXX $ ) We tried unsuccessfully before XXXX but were told we were not delinquent we would not get a reply or have a chance to modify So I stopped payment and we got the requested documents finally. We had a phone interview in which was stated that we would qualify for a MODIFICATION. Our first contact was XXXX XXXX, who seemed unresponsive for 4 months after we supplied the documents requested, we were notified that XXXX XXXX was released and XXXX XXXX would continue the case in XXXX. We had to start the process from start and resend the requested documentation, in this process sensitive documentation was lostXXXXx while using a BOFA provided XXXX envelope We continued using a Fax method we provided all requested documentation multiple times. During this as we were closing on 6 months now, we kept receiving calling call from foreclosure lawyers representing BOFA even though we were in the modification process.
I asked if they would continue the modification if I would pay the reinstatement amount, as the phone calls was very upsetting. They said yes that it would change nothing to the process in place. I paid the reinstatement amount on the exact day requested, XXXX XXXX. I send the Check with FedEx. Within 1 week I received a letter that the Modification is now closed due to : Not enough proof of income. And my account is currently not delinquent enough to qualify!
Interesting enough that was not what I was told and that was a 7 months process that seems not very fair or represented properly. Why tell me to go ahead if there is no Modification attempt.
This leads us to the next problem that I encountered.
I called to complain about this process and also about the extra charges that are now being added to my Bill. I paid XXXX XXXX. I received my next bill and it is for the period XXXX XXXX to XXXX XXXX, According to Bank of America the amount I Paid on XXXX XXXX ( which changed on a weekly basis ) did not include any payment for XXXX. Strange but assuming that could be correct I was wondering why there were additional charges of {$910.00} that were past due?
I managed to get a hold of the Escalation Manager XXXX XXXX XXXX Phone number XXXX He said he would verify this and make sure to get the phone recording of my conversations to verify if I was correct and get back to me within the week This was in XXXX and I have not heard a single thing since, I called XXXX in that span to the department and also left Multiple Voice mails on the direct line with my Cell phone number to contact me direct, as I want this resolved. In the process I have spoken to XXXX XXXX, XXXX XXXX XXXX and several others who all have left notes for XXXX XXXX to return my calls.
According to the log from BOFA he called several times but after verifying with my phone company I could only verify a call on XXXX XXXX XXXX and then he called my old office number again not the requested cell phone. I can not imagine what the problem can be on a request this benign.
There is nobody to go to besides XXXX XXXX as there is nobody higher in the department, and he is not responding no matter how many messages I leave. This is very disappointing to me and leaves me without choices.
Who can help?? As this is been going on for 2 months and holding up my payments again I need somebody that can help me solve this payment as this is getting out of hand again, I have been trying to get an answer and a resolution

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