Loan modification,collection,foreclosure

XXXX XXXX, 2015 I am filing a new complaint, but it also stems from a previous complaint. Case number XXXX filed against Wells Fargo. While the original complaint outlines how I feel Wells Fargo did not help assist us in modifying our loan in a timely matter, but only after we felt we had to seek help elsewhere. We applied for modification in XX/XX/XXXX/XX/XX/XXXX, but were placed in different programs, and were told we did not qualify for a modification. ( but never told why ) But when we reached out to a government funded program for help, and were approved, that ‘s when we were suddenly approved from Wells Fargo. This new complaint is to shed some light on the different things that Wells Fargo are continue to do to homeowners like ourselves who have done everything that Wells Fargo has asked, but are still being penalized. It ‘s simply ” not right ”. We tried once again to get a modification through Wells Fargo XX/XX/XXXX, but because we had such a bad experience the first time, we hired attorney XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX to assist us in the modification process. We ended up getting scammed by XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX. Which placed us in foreclosure. We felt we had no choice but to leave. Now we were out of {$3000.00} from being scammed from the Attorney, and we were being foreclosed on. The next thing we knew, Wells Fargo decided to modify our loan. But, now we are stuck in a lease agreement, and had just paid {$1200.00} to move. If we would have known, we would have never signed a lease. This is just a few example of how Wells Fargo operates. We are currently under review for a ” short sale ‘ on the property ( which we have a potential buyer ). But once again Wells Fargo is dragging their feet. They continue to request information that they already have. Delaying the process even more. I even have potential buyers for the property, but can not move forward with the sale, because of Wells Fargo. They gave me a deadline for their investigation. But informed me they needed more time. ( Letter attached ) But all the while I am receiving court papers in the mail for foreclosure. That ‘s just not right! How can you put me on a timeline with foreclosure court papers, but ask me to give you more time to do your investigation. And the investigation is about you not doing your job correctly. But how can I get a fair resolution to my complaints, when the one that I am complaining about, is the same one investigating the complaint? CFPB is suppose to ” police ” these lenders, but it seems as the lenders are policing their selves. This just not fair. All I really want is someone to really help us. We felt we had to reach out to save our home when we did n’t get a loan modification form Wells Fargo, which put a {$35000.00} lien on the property. We would have never done that if when we first applied for the modification, Wells Fargo presented us with a reasonable modification. Just another example of Wells Fargo ‘s lack of communication with letting us know we were modified. Then we felt we had to hire an Attorney to help modify our loan, which put us out {$3000.00}. All these things we did to save our home. So now we are stuck with, not being able to live in our home. Not being able to sale our home. And out of a lots of money because of this whole ordeal.

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