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My mortgage servicer ignored my application for assistance submitted to them on XX/XX/XXXX. They confirmed they received it on XX/XX/XXXX, however in a recent letter dated XX/XX/XXXX they state they would n’t accept the application because there was another previous review still open from XX/XX/XXXX. My attorney asked them why they took until XX/XX/XXXX to finish the review from my XX/XX/XXXX application as RESPA requires them to make a decision in 30 days. They had no answer. As you can see from the attached denial letter they did n’t finish my review from my XX/XX/XXXX application until XX/XX/XXXX. Nationstar should have either approved or denied me by XX/XX/XXXX. Leaving me plenty of time to reapply with my increased income and still be reviewed for HAMP before it expired on XX/XX/XXXX. Nationstar now tells my attorney that they they are refusing to review my application from XX/XX/XXXX. It ‘s not my fault that Nationstar took over the legally allowed timeline ( 30 days ) to finish my review from XX/XX/XXXX. So now my updated application from XX/XX/XXXX has been thrown away. HAMP expired on XX/XX/XXXX while Nationstar was evading/stalling. My attorney states since my application on XX/XX/XXXX was submitted before XX/XX/XXXX Nationstar still has to review me for HAMP again after they finish the one from XX/XX/XXXX. Nationstar today told my attorney that they will not review my application from XX/XX/XXXX and they do n’t care if HAMP expired while they stalled and evaded. My attorney asked them for a reply to that application and Nationstar says they do n’t have to reply to that application. My attorney told them they sent a letter confirming they got the application, so why ca n’t they send a letter stating what the result of that application was or is. Nationstar tells my attorney that I have to just re-apply and now I do n’t qualify for HAMP because it expired. My application was there before it expired and they should have just added the additional income given to them on the new application XX/XX/XXXX and used that to approve the loan at that time ( before HAMP expired ). Nationstar purposely evaded and stalled on my application from XX/XX/XXXX more than 30 days and past the deadline for HAMP ( XX/XX/XXXX ) in order to harm me and keep me from being approved for HAMP. They then blocked and refused to accept my application from XX/XX/XXXX which qualifies for HAMP therby allowing the HAMP program to expire while stalling and evading review of my previous application. Now Nationstar sent me a demand letter in which they state they are starting the foreclosure process. They tell me I have to re-apply but I ca n’t reapply for HAMP now that it expired!!!!??? My updated application with additional income was submitted on XX/XX/XXXX. That application qualifies for HAMP as it has additional income. I do n’t believe Nationstar can just refuse to review it. If they were going to refuse to review it, why did n’t they tell my attorney or me that back in XX/XX/XXXX? I am told a servicer must accept a request for assistance that arrives more than 36 days prior to a foreclosure. Nationstar purposely stalled over three months ( XX/XX/XXXX to XX/XX/XXXX ) to make a decision on my previous application. Evading/stalling harmed my ability to qualify for HAMP program now because it expired on XX/XX/XXXX. In violation of RESPA Regulation X, Nationstar took more than 30 days to make a decision on my previous application ( from XX/XX/XXXX ) while stalling. They then ignored my updated application they confirmed they received on XX/XX/XXXX and now tell me I have to reapply but I ca n’t reapply for HAMP because it expired ( while they were evading/stalling ). To top it all off Nationstar sends me a demand letter threatening foreclosure – Attached dated XX/XX/XXXX.

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